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Better Way Security Products BW-3: Line Seizure Connector, New Style Interface, Utilizing the B-W Connector
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Better Way Security Products BW-3 Line Seizure Connector with New Style Interface

The innovative BW Connectors will allow you to connect security systems to the phone lines without disturbing any of the wires from the screw terminals of the interface.

The design of this unique patent pending device was created to provide 3 vital functions :

  1. By utilizing the B-W Connector, you are always assured of a clean connection which eliminates the need to twist wires together, use crimps, chicklets, or tape.
  2. You do not have to touch any of the existing wires that are connected to the screw terminals, and any additions or changes made to the wires on the screw terminals by the homeowner, or the phone company will not affect your connection to the alarm panel, and line seizure will always be maintained.
  3. Your alarm connection is clearly identified by the tag supplied with each BW Connector, and when testing or troubleshooting of the phone line is required, the BW Connector can be easily removed, and then replaced after any work is done on the telephone line by the homeowner or the Phone Company technician, eliminating an unnecessary service call.
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