Bosch LTC 4629-60

850nm fom, bi-directional: receives video, transmits data, 120-230vac, 60hz

3 Yr
Warranty Included



  • Uses a Single Optical Fiber Cable
  • Data Channel Supports RS-232 / RS-422
  • Video Channel Supports Monochrome/Color
  • LED Indicators help Monitor Performance
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The Bosch LTC 4629/60 Data / Video Transceiver (850nm) transmits data signals from the controller location to the camera location via fiber optic cable, while simultaneously transmitting Bosch Bi-Phase control code from the camera location to the controller location. Use of fiber optic cable improves reliability, as the signals passing through it are difficult to tap, locate, or detect.




  • Uses a single optical fiber cable
  • Supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards
  • Data channel supports RS-232 or RS-422
  • Video channel supports monochrome/color
  • LED indicators help monitor performance
  • Receives power from the TC 4637 rack
  • $752.50
    Video/Panasonic Module Transmitter Multimode
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  • $765.14
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  • $752.50
    Video/Panasonic Rack Card Transmitter Multimode