Bosch SLED120-8BD

superled 3d diffuser 850nm 120 degrees excludes psu

3 Yr
Warranty Included



  • 3D Diffuser Technology (Black Diamond)
  • For Encoding & Digital Recording System
  • Evenly Illuminated Surveillance Images
  • 18 High Efficiency Surface Mount LEDs
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The Bosch SLED120-8BD AEGIS intelligent IR SLED illuminator produces intense light for the surveillance device to produce good results. It features 3D diffuser technology that eliminates hotspots present in foreground and underexposed areas in background to create an evenly illuminated area. This process reduces the bit rate and storage space required. The AEGIS intelligent IR SLED illuminator boosts night time imaging by reducing noise. It can adjust the light output to match the change in temperature and loss in LED quality, thanks to the Constant Light technology.

The Bosch SLED120-8BD intelligent Illuminator produces 120 degree wide 850 nm semi-covert IR light beam that reaches a distance of up to 549 feet. A single illuminator can control others in a master / slave configuration through the link port. Dual-mode camera port allows color and mono controls. The illuminator delivers bright lighting, as it has ultra high efficient LEDs.




  • Patent-pending Constant Light technology ensures consistent illumination
  • 3D Diffuser technology (Black Diamond) delivers even illumination designed specifically for CCTV
  • Enables the optimum nighttime performance of analogue and megapixel cameras, IP platforms, and video analytics
  • Reduced power consumption for a greener, more environmentally friendly solution with lower operating costs