CNB Technology DJL-20S W

600 TVL 3.8mm Fixed Lens 68mm Dome DNR

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Ultra High Resolution : 600 TV Lines (BW 650TV Lines)
  • Fixed Lens(f=3.8mm)
  • DNR(Super Digital Noise Reduction)
  • 12VDC Single Voltage
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Ask a Question  about the CNB Technology DJL-20S W 600 TVL 3.8mm Fixed Lens 68mm Dome DNR

Technologically advanced, the CNB Technology DJL-20S W is ultra –high resolution MonaLisa Dome Camera. Ensuring remarkable security, this high-end camera is great for indoor.

Great Quality MonaLisa Dome Camera
Engineered to precision, this optimal performing Dome Camera offers a high resolution of 600 TVL for crispy, clear video imaging.  Exceptional performing, this camera comes complete with 1/3" IT CCD sensor, 3.8mm fixed lens, DNR(Super Digital Noise Reduction), Auto White Balance, AGC, SBLC, Flickerless, OSD, Privacy Zone, Motion Detection and 3-Axis Movement.  It delivers a Min. Illumination of 0.05Lux.

Featured-Packed MonaLisa Dome Camera
The 3-Axis Movement of this DJL-20S W aids in free Lens Rotation along with service video out.  Its AGC offers controlled signal amplitude at its output, in spite of variation of the amplitude in the input signal. Its OSD display shows information such as volume, channel, and time.  This 68m Dome Size requires a 12VDC Single Voltage.




DJL-20S W 600 TVL 3.8mm Fixed Lens 68mm Dome DNR Features:


  • 1/3" IT CCD
  • Ultra High Resolution : 600 TV Lines (BW 650TV Lines)
  • Fixed Lens(f=3.8mm)
  • Min. Illumination : 0.05Lux
  • DNR(Super Digital Noise Reduction)
  • Auto White Balance
  • AGC, SBLC, Flickerless
  • OSD, Privacy Zone, Motion Detection
  • 3-Axis Movement for Free Lens Rotation
  • 68m Dome Size
  • 12VDC Single Voltage