CNB Technology VBM-24VF

600TVL 2.8-10.5mm Vari-Focal, 100mm Dome, DNR

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Built-in DC Iris Vari-focal Lens(f=2.8~10.5mm)TDN(ICR)
  • Min. Illumination : 0.01Lux (B/W)
  • OSD, Auto White BalanceAGC, SBLC, Flickerless
  • Motion Detection, Privacy Zone, Mirror Function
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CNB Technology DQM-24VF W  
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Vitek VTD-MP2810DN/B  
CNB Technology DKM-24VF  
CNB Technology DBD-54VF B  
Speco Technologies CVC6246H  
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Vitek VTD-MP1850DN  
Vitek VTD-MP922DN  
Vitek VTD-MP922DN/B  
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CNB Technology VBM-24VF 2G  
Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR  
Vitek VTD-MP922WDR  
Vitek VTD-MP1850DN/B  
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CNB Technology VBM-24VFH 2G  
Samsung SND-5061  
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GeoVision GV-MFD3401-4F  
Arecont Vision AV1145DN-04-D  
Arecont Vision AV1145DN-04-D-LG  
Arecont Vision AV2145DN-04-W  
Arecont Vision AV2146DN-04-W  
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Arecont Vision AV2245PM-D-LG  
Arecont Vision AV2145DN-3310-DA  
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Pelco IS21  
Veilux SVD-70L2810  
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Ask a Question  about the CNB Technology VBM-24VF 600TVL 2.8-10.5mm Vari-Focal, 100mm Dome, DNR

CNB Technology VBM-24VF is an outdoor Monalisa Dome Camera. It guarantees superior image quality during any time of the day. This comprehensive camera has all the features to give you superior quality images at any time of the day.

CNB Technology VBM-24VF is a Vandal Proof Outdoor 100m Dome Security Camera.  It has 600TVL, 2.8-10.5mm Vari-Focal, 100mm Dome, DNR to give the best image during any time of the day.

High Definition Optics
CNB Technology VBM-24VF features 1/3" Super HAD CCD II, Ultra High Resolution of 600 TV Lines (BW 650TV Lines), built-in DC Iris Vari-focal Lens (f=2.8~10.5mm), TDN(ICR) and minimum illumination of 0.01Lux(B/W). It has some special feature like OSD, Auto White Balance AGC, SBLC, Flickerless to give crisp and superior quality image.

All Round Protection
CNB Technology VBM-24VF has a privacy zone and motion detection, eclipse and mirror function. It can be operated on 12VDC/24VAC dual voltage.




VBM-24VF 600TVL 2.8-10.5mm Vari-Focal, 100mm Dome, DNR Features:


  • Monalisa
  • 1/3" Super HAD CCD II
  • Ultra High Resolution : 600 TV Lines (BW 650TV Lines)
  • Built-in DC Iris Vari-focal Lens(f=2.8~10.5mm)TDN(ICR)
  • Min. Illumination : 0.01Lux (B/W)
  • OSD, Auto White BalanceAGC, SBLC, Flickerless
  • Motion Detection, Privacy Zone, Mirror Function
  • 3-Axis Movement for Free Lens Rotation
  • 100m Dome Size
  • Vandal-Resistant Dome Housing
  • 24VAC/12VDC Dual Voltage
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