D-Link DKVM-16

KVM Network Switch

90 D
Warranty Included
  • 16-Port KVM Switch
  • Controls up to 16 computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse
  •  It is easy to use, powerful, and scalable
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This KVM switch manages 16 computers from a single Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. It supports up to 1920 x 1440 resolution on VGA, SVGA, and MultiSync monitors, along with a serial or PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Each of the 16 ports has its own processor, which means you can boot and manage several CCTV systems simultaneously.





The control buttons on the KVM provide one-touch access to the attached systems. Use the simple on-screen display to configure the switch’s settings, name, or select, connected computers. Hot plug technology lets you add systems to, or remove systems from, the KVM without turning off the switch or the affected computer. It features auto-scan and keyboard hot-keys while automatically recalling CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK key statuses.





Each switch installs into a 19” standard equipment rack. Control 128 systems from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse by stacking 8 switches in a daisy-chained configuration.







  • Daisy Chain Port Allows Control of Up to 128 Computers
  • Password Protected Security
  • Convenient Hot Keys and Push Buttons
  • Includes Three sets of 3-in-1 KVM Cable Kit
  • Includes Two DB-9 to 6-pin Mini-DIN Mouse Convertors
  • Includes Two DIN 5-pin to 6-pin Mini-DIN Keyboard Convertors
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