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DSC EV-DW4917: Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter, Small Compact Design, Lithium Battery Included, Flexible Mounting Options, 433 MHz Technology, Rare Earth Magnet
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DSC EV-DW4917 Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter



Hidden discreetly within the frame of a door, the only visible part of the EV-DW4917 wireless recessed door transmitter once installed is the access cap (available in white or brown). Access caps are either flanged or non-flanged and allow for either a screw-mount or a press-fit installation. A flat head screwdriver is used to change the cap if needed or access the battery.


Primarily designed for installation within a door, the transmitter can also be used within the frames of windows. The EV-DW4917 is built with reliable 433 MHz technology, is powered by a replaceable lithium battery and is compatible with all current DSC wireless receivers.




  • Small, compact design
  • Long-life lithium battery included
  • Flexible mounting options (screw mount or press fit)
  • Reliable 433 MHz technology
  • Powerful, rare earth magnet
  • Ships complete with flanged/non-flanged, brown/white access caps
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