DSC GS3060

GSM Digital Communicator

DSC GS3060: Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator, Compatible with Control Panels, Full Event Reporting, Uses GPRS Data Channel, 4 On-board Inputs, Panel Transmission Capability
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DSC GS3060 Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator



The GS3060 connects the alarm control panel to the GSM network and reports alarm signals directly to a monitoring station receiver (Sur-Gard System II/System III). The GS3060 uses the GPRS data channel of the GSM network to ensure low-cost, high speed and reliable alarm communications and is compatible with control panels that communicate using the Contact ID format.




  • Compatible with control panels that communicate using the Contact ID format
  • Full event reporting
  • Uses GPRS data channel for high-speed, reliable and low-cost communications to an IP receiver
  • 4 on-board inputs
  • 4 on-board outputs (open collector)
  • SIM card (included)
  • Activation and initialization via automated telephone activation system (VRU) or web-user interface provided by CONNECT 24
  • Panel transmission monitors capability
  • Compatible with Sur-Gard System II/III monitoring station receivers
  • UL/ULC listed
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