PowerSeries 8-Zone LED Keypad

Product Features:

  • 4 programmable function keys
  • Dual FAP keys
  • Wall tamper support
  • Zone input
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Napco Security Technologies GEMP3200  
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Honeywell ADEMCO 6160CR-2  
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PowerSeries 8-Zone LED Keypad


The DSC PC1404RKZ is an 8-zone LED backlit keypad is the newest entry in the PowerSeries. The keypad is simple, trim and offers great aesthetics to the environment it is installed. It can be used as an inexpensive wired keypad for the main entry point or as an additional keypad along to an already functional system.


Lighting-fast installation

The slim-profile PC1404RKZ keypad is easy to install with an integrated wire channel for flushmount applications and comes with four programmable function keys and dual FAP (Fire, Auxiliary and Panic) keys. It features a clean and simple interface in a sleek white design.


Key features

The keypad features a large integrated number pad with backlit icon display. The sleek trim design has only 12 input buttons and 16 easy-to-read status lights. Also, critical alarms are simple to access. Additionally, the #2, #5, #8 and #0 keys can be programmed for simple one button functions while holding for 2 seconds activates commonly used system functions such as Stay, Away or Door Chimes.


Convenience with value

The keyboard supports a zone with maximum of four keypads on the system. Also, the programming functionality is same as the PowerSeries, reducing the overall installation and programming time of the keypad. It also features a convenient nightlight feature, powered by two on-board LEDs which is adjustable and can be disabled. It glows in the dark as nightlight to facilitate locating the keyboard in dark. All these features are packaged in the smallest footprint among PowerSeries keypads.



PC1404RKZ PowerSeries 8-Zone LED Keypad Features:


  • Modern, slim-line portrait keypad
  • Large, backlit buttons on keypad for trouble-free viewing and activation
  • 4 programmable function keys
  • Dual FAP keys
  • Wall tamper support
  • Zone input
  • Surface or single-gang box mount
  • Wire channel
  • Buzzer and backlit button control
  • Optional white night light
  • AC status ICON