DSC PC5950

DSC PC5950

DSC PC5950: Universal Audio Verification Module, Supports 2-Way Audio VOX, Support Push-to-Talk Verification, Supports 4 Microphones/Speakers, Silent/Listen-in Functionality, User Call-In Feature
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DSC PC5950 Universal 2-Way VOX Audio Verification Module



Reduce false dispatches with DSC's new, easy-to-install PC5950 universal 2-way VOX audio verification module. The PC5950 allows homeowners to directly engage monitoring station operators in conversation, explaining to them the nature of an emergency. By doing this, a homeowner is able to verify the validity of an alarm and effectively reduce false dispatches.


Communication to the monitoring station is achieved by using hands-free, 2-way instantaneous audio VOX and/or the push-to-talk feature. This is achieved through a combination of microphones and speakers installed in up to 4 locations on the premises.




  • Supports both 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk verification
  • Supports 4 microphones and 4 speakers
  • Silent/Listen-in functionality on hold-up alarms (activates only when an alarm occurs)
  • User call-in feature
  • Universal installation compatibility with any control panel using either PGM and/or Bell dry contact outputs
  • KEYBUS direct connect allows all programming to be performed at the system keypad or remotely using DLS2002 software
  • KEYBUS installation compatible with all new PowerSeries control panels (PC1864/PC1832/PC1616)
  • Approval Listings: European CE Directives (EMC, R&TTE), FCC/IC
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