Dortronics ML-1100

Single Door Maglocks

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Dortronics ML-1100: Mortised Single Door Electromagnetic Lock, 1000 Pounds Holding Force, Clean Architectural Appearance, Tamper-proof Mounting, Concealed Lock & Armature, Rugged Construction
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Dortronics ML-1100 Mortised Single Door Electromagnetic Lock



The ML-1100 mortised electromagnetic locks are ideal for many different applications. These mortise locks can be utilized with the Dortronics DPA door pulls for an attractive architectural appearance, while providing unsurpassed security functionality.


Using the DPA series pull with a ML series mortise lock allows the force of the magnet to be directly opposite the direction of pull; therefore no mechanical advantage is gained when force is applied to the pull handle. There is no chance of racking the door. Steel or aluminum framed doors are susceptible to permanent damage when the lock is header mounted and the door handle is pulled repeatedly (while the door is locked).




  • Clean Architectural Appearance
  • 1000 Pounds Holding Force
  • Tamper-proof Mounting
  • Totally Concealed Lock & Armature
  • Rugged Construction
  • Safe Operation
  • Universal Control
  • Includes Recessed Mounting Bracket & Armature
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