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DynaLock 6451 Series: Exit Sensor Bar, Optical Controlling Lock, Built-in Mechanical Switch, Weather Resistant Electronics, All-metal Construction, Contemporary Design
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SECO-LARM SD-961A-36  
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DynaLock 6451 Series Exit Sensor Bar



The non-latching 6451 Exit Sensor Bar offers immediate no prior knowledge egress by pushing on the bar at any point, with 15 Lbs. or less pressure. A light touch is all that is required to activate one or both internal optical sensors designed to detect an exit attempt. A built-in mechanical switch is also included as a redundant back-up release.

Dual sensors, fail-safe electronics and successful testing in excess of one million cycles offer the user unparalleled reliability and low maintenance costs. Installation is simple. Complicated tune-in procedure and frequent call-backs for readjustment are not required.




  • Optical sensing electronics controlling lock and signal functions have no moving parts to wear out.
  • Built-in redundant mechanical switch for back-up release.
  • No tune-in required - complicated calibration and fine tuning are unnecessary and return calls are eliminated.
  • Three standard bar lengths are offered - bar may be field or factory cut to suit special applications (See CLC Option)
  • Bar may be activated by anything - human touch, briefcase, cane, wheelchair, etc. will activate the 6451. Ideal for ADA compliant installations.
  • Weather resistant electronics - conformal coated circuitry resists moisture damage.
  • All-metal construction - the entire bar, including end caps, is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, offering high resistance to abuse and vandalism.
  • Armored power transfer cord - furnished standard.
  • Dual output standard - DPDT contacts provide lock control and alarm shunting capabilities.
  • Built-in spike suppression - all input/output terminals are protected from line spikes.
  • Variable input power - operating voltage 12 to 24 VAC/VDC.
  • Architectural finishes - US28 satin aluminum is standard. US10B dark bronze and US4 satin brass also available.
  • Entire bar is finished, including the end caps.
  • Contemporary design - architecturally engineered to offer one of the lowest profiles in the industry.
  • Unit is non-handed - suitable for LHR or RHR doors.
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