FLIR Systems D-625

D-Series 25Degree x 20Degree 25 mm Thermal Security Cameras

90 D
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Product Features:

  • 640 x 480 Thermal resolution for four-times the resolution longer detection ranges and better image quality
  • High-quality 24/7 thermal video security coverage
  • Broad range of lenses available for the thermal camera
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The FLIR Systems D-625 is a 640X480 resolution IP outdoor thermal camera. This analog and an IP camera is designed to integrate with traditional and highly advanced analog video network. You can also stream it over an IP network and view all the HD recordings without any flickering. To make your job more safer, faster and accurate, the FLIR D-618 provides clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and can be easily hold by hands.
Being future-ready device it has strategically placed alarm system to detect and communicate life-threatening issues faster. In addition to this, this pan-tilt camera allows flawless distribution of single or multi-camera solutions to vast areas. The camera also features both thermal and visible light security imaging facility and has automated safety monitoring that effectively monitors the unexpected failures. This multi-sensor surveillance camera is designed to capture all the suspicious activities and events occurred in the monitored area.
This day and night continuous zoom camera offes four-times the resolution of a standard surveillance camera. It comes installed with a highly advanced microprocessor that runs Nexus server to provide comprehensive camera control, video streaming, and geo-referencing capabilities to the end user. The Nexus allows you to communicate with third party ONVIF compatible VMS clients and FLIR sensor manager. It offers extended detection ranges, and HD quality images and much more. It is an all-in-one surveillance camera that will fulfil all your future needs.
The FLIR Sensors Manager included in the software allows you to manage and control a PT-Series camera over TCP/IP network. This day and night device has a multi-sensor configurations that allows it tilt and provide HD view of the targeted object. It efficiently scans the monitored area to capture every detail of the objects covered in the screen. 
The MPEG-4, M-JPEG and H.264 encoding feature of this camera makes it a vanguard surveillance camera, which efficiently inspect hidden risky issues or monitor thermal process for you at every step. 


D-625 25° x 20° 25 mm Thermal Security Cameras Features:


  • 640 x 480 Thermal resolution for four-times the resolution longer detection ranges and better image quality
  • High-quality 24/7 thermal video security coverage
  • Broad range of lenses available for the thermal camera
  • Choose from lenses with focal lengths from 9 mm to 35 mm and FOVs from 48° to 13°
  • Day/Night 36x zoom color CCD video camera
  • Simultaneous visible-light and thermal video outputs ensure optimal imaging performance in a wide variety
  • Precision rugged outdoor dome enclosure provides 360° continuous pan +45°to-180°
  • Tilt for uninterrupted coverage
  • Auto Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) built in for image quality across all scene
  • Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration and configuration in digital networks
  • Multiple channels of streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats
  • FLIR Sensor Manager single-device version included


Wide Dynamic Range Thermal Video & Better Pictures for Better Protection:

WDR Thermal is made possible by a proprietary plateau histogram equalization image processing algorithm unique to FLIR cameras. Standard AGC corrections apply gray shades evenly across the temperature range in the scene, losing potentially vital image detail by wasting gray shades on areas of no thermal interest. FLIR’s plateau histogram equalization concentrates those gray shades on targets of interest, allowing effective imaging across a much wider dynamic range.

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