FLIR Systems F-304

F-Series 100mm Thermal Security Camera

90 D
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Product Features:

  • Simultaneous IP and analog video outputs, along with IP serial control interfaces
  • Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology looking directly
  • The sun won't damage FLIR uncooled thermal security cameras
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Ask a Question  about the FLIR Systems F-304 F-Series 100mm Thermal Security Camera
The FLIR F-304 camera is a high-resolution CCTV camera with thermal security, and comes under the category of F-series from the renowned brand. It's a fixed-site camera that records footage over two networks: IP and analog. With an efficient 320 x 240 thermal resolution, the camera attempts to offer finer image detailing with a longer range.
The camera comes with a VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology which is also Sun-safe, therefore protecting the camera lens even when faced up to the Sun. The sensors and optics can be upgraded or repaired easy and quick; thanks to the exchangeable camera cassettes. For plug and play integration, the open IP standards have been deployed to camera. The camera streams videos quickly in H.264, MPEG-4, and M-JPEG formats, allowing quick rendering.
The F-304 has been equipped with a 100mm powerful lens, which comes with a megapixel count that is 16 times more than the normal lower-resolution CCTV cameras. The result you get is sharp and crisp images with uncrackable detailing even when the image is zoomed. The camera has also been added with amazing features like long-range threat detection and security alarm, assuring you that your office will be guarded 24x7.
Talking about its wide dynamic range, the F-304 makes a mark by having installed a proprietary plateau histogram equalization image processing algorithm, which is a new thing to the FLIR cameras. The standard AGC corrections spread gray shades equally throughout the temperature range shown in the frame, thereby making you lose the important details in the footage. However, this is not the case with the F-304, whose plateau histogram equalization imposes those gray shades on the targets only, which in turn result in the wide dynamic range.
This camera has all those features an entrepreneur wants to have installed in his/her firm. CCTVs are a long-term investment, so why take a chance by compromising with the quality? FLIR is renowned for its exclusive technology inventions, and tops the chart in the prevailing times.


F-304 4.6° x 3.7° 100 mm Thermal Security Cameras


  • Simultaneous IP and analog video outputs, along with IP serial control interfaces
  • Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology looking directly
  • The sun won't damage FLIR uncooled thermal security cameras
  • Exchangeable camera cassettes allow for quick upgrade or repair of sensors and optics
  • Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration; ONVIF compliant
  • Streaming digital video available in H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG formats


Benefits of 640 x 480 Resolution

  • Sharper thermal images that provide greater scene detail
  • Threat detection and alarm assessment capabilities
  • Long-range threat detection see smaller details from farther away
  • Enhanced analytics performance gives you more reliable
  • Wider fields of view improve coverage without compromising range performance