FLIR Systems SR-618

SR-Series 35mm Thermal Camera

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • High-quality 24/7 thermal video security coverage
  • Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology
  • Thermal lenses with focal lengths from 9 mm to 100 mm
  • 640 x 480 resolution products are based on FLIR's
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The FLIR Systems SR-618 features the same thermal imaging technology found in many of FLIR’s most sophisticated security and surveillance systems. These cameras are packaged for users who have mid-range security and surveillance as their primary application. The SR-618 is excellent tools to install in new or existing security installations. They just need power and connection to a screen.
The FLIR SR-618 imagers are fixed-site thermal security cameras that come in ruggedized, all-weather enclosures that are compatible with a wide variety of third-party accessories, making them easy to integrate. The SR-618 cameras define the new standard of performance with full 640 x 480 thermal resolution that give you greater image detail, more extensive coverage, and better analytics performance than ever before.
FLIR Systems SR-618 is the thermal camera specifically designed to be an integrated part of any end-to-end video security solution. Completely operable with third-party video management and recording systems, FLIR systems is quite simply, the evolution of thermal imaging.
As easy to install and use as any traditional dome camera, FLIR SR-606 brings advanced thermal imaging capabilities to mainstream video security applications. The result is an affordable camera system that delivers high-quality video as well as the power and flexibility that only comes with thermal imaging technology. 
The FLIR SR-618 camera with 9 degrees FOV 50mm lens. This camera is equipped with an athermal lens so is able to maintain focus no matter what the environmental temperature is and there is no need for user adjustments. The lack of a motorized focus mechanism prevents mechanical breakdowns so the SR-618 does not need any maintenance whatsoever which guarantees a low total cost of ownership. The SR-618 is designed for use in harsh environments and has an operating temperature range of -40 degree.
The SR-618 is affordable, uncooled, high-performance fixed-site thermal imagers. The SR-618 cameras come in industry-standard environmental enclosures, use common mounting hardware and are compatible with a wide variety of third-party mounts and pedestals.



SR-618 18° x 14° 35mm Thermal Cameras Features:


  • High-quality 24/7 thermal video security coverage
  • Sun-safe VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology; looking directly at the sun won't damage FLIR uncooled thermal security cameras
  • Thermal lenses with focal lengths from 9 mm to 100 mm, and angular FOVs from 48° to 4.6°
  • All 640 x 480 resolution products are based on FLIR's 17-micron pixel pitch arrays, the most advanced uncooled detectors available on the commercial market
  • Serial control and analog composite video output enable ready integration into legacy network designs
  • A complete selection of reduced-resolution 320 x 240 and 160 x 120 format cameras are also available


Benefits of 640 x 480 Resolution

High-resolution SR-Series cameras have up to 16-times as many pixels as their lower-resolution counterparts, giving you:

  • Sharper thermal images that provide greater scene detail; improves threat detection and alarm assessment capabilities
  • Long-range threat detection; see smaller details from farther away
  • Enhanced analytics performance gives you more reliable feedback with fewer nuisance alarms
  • Wider fields of view improve coverage without compromising range performance; optimize coverage efficiency while lowering overall installation cost
  • $8,259.29
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  • $5,866.18
    Thermal Imaging Camera
  • $4,785.82
    F-Series 34 x 28Degree 13 mm Thermal Security Camera
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    D-Series 35 mm Thermal Security Camera
  • $11,142.86
    Thermal IP Bullet Camera
  • $28,697.34
    PT-Series 12Degree x 10Degree 50 mm Thermal Camera
  • $7,432.88
    FC-Series 19 mm Thermal Camera
  • $4,785.82
    F-Series 48 x 39Degree 9 mm Thermal Security Camera