Farpointe Data Delta5

Farpointe Data Delta5

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Farpointe Data Delta5: Contactless Smartcard Reader, Integrated Card Technology, Wiegand & Magnetic Stripe, Exclusive Encryption Keys, Anti-Tamper Mode, Mounts to US Wall Box
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Farpointe Data Delta5 Contactless Smartcard Reader



Farpointe's Delta technology is based on the world popular Mifare platform to offer a globally accepted, secure and versatile access control solution. Delta readers support the most popular smartcard and proximity card technologies for simple system integration and the freedom to target different applications with the most convenient card technology. To ensure the integrity of RF data transactions, data communication between Delta cards and Delta readers is encrypted using a powerful key; furthermore, readers and credentials challenge each others keys during the validation process. Showcasing Delta's versatility, the readers offer a wide range of adjustable settings to satisfy each customer's individual needs, application requirements, and system specifications.




  • Integrates both 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard and 125-kHz proximity RFID technologies into a single unit
  • Wiegand and magnetic stripe outputs standard
  • ISO 14443 Type A & B compliant
  • Customer exclusive encryption keys available for personalized security
  • Anti-Tamper Mode available
  • Mounts to US single-gang wall box or to flat surface
  • Modern and slim profile retains building aesthetics
  • Electronics sealed in a weather-and tamper-resistant epoxy potting for both indoor and outdoor operation
  • Adjustable settings available for reader customization
  • External standard four-state LED and audio tone with provisions for both system and local control
  • Comes standard with black contemporary cover and stand-off
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