Farpointe Data P-600

Farpointe Data P-600

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Farpointe Data P-600 Rocky: Proximity Readers, Proximity RFID technology, Combined reader and keypad, Essex's metal keypad, Beeper and four-state LED, Pass-thru Wiegand outputs
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Farpointe Data P-600 Rocky Proximity Readers



The P-600 Rocky Proximity Reader & Keypad is a member of the Pyramid Series Proximity line of OEM proximity readers, cards and tags for access control from Farpointe Data. Making use of proven digital radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and integrating Essex's popular metal keypad, the P-600 is ideal for applications that require both a proximity access card or tag, and/or a personal identification number (PIN), such as high security dual verification. Additionally the P-600 features the option of HID proximity compatibility (model P-600-H) allowing it to read both HID and Pyramid Series cards and tags.


The single-piece P-600 delivers non-contact read ranges up to 4 inches (102 mm), and operates from 5 to 14 VDC. Physical size is 3.9 x 4.4 x 0.95 inches (99x112x24 mm). Keypad data is transmitted via the reader's data lines in either an 8-Bit Burst or a 26-Bit Wiegand data format structure. Allowing both indoor and outdoor operation the electronics are secured in tamper-resistant epoxy potting. Concealing the mounting hardware, the P-600 ships with attractive black and off-white covers standard.




  • Proximity RFID technology means there is no need for direct physical contact between reader and card required
  • Combines reader and keypad into a single, integrated package
  • Essex's metal keypad using piezo technology with no moving parts
  • Industry standard Wiegand outputs from the reader and keypad
  • Beeper and four-state LED standard
  • Configurable via control cards allowing local customization to optimized reader operation
  • Optional HID compatibility to reads both HID and Pyramid Series cards and tags
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