Fujinon FE185C046HA-1

5 Megapixel Fish Eye Lens

Product Features:

• 5 Megapixel Fish-Eye Lens 
• Designed with F-Theta System 
• Super Wide Angle of 185 Degrees 
• Wide Aperture Rate 
• Iris Ranges from F1.4 to F16 
• C Mount 
• Manual Iris 
• Fixed Focus


List : $808.50  
Price : $535.29
Save :  $273.21
2MCCTV 2M-3580AN  
2MCCTV 2M-5100A  
2M-Technology 2M-2M2812IR  
2MCCTV 2M-2812A  
2MCCTV 2M-0660A  
Computar Ganz TG3Z2910FCS  
Arecont Vision MPM12.0  
Arecont Vision MPM6.0  
Arecont Vision MPM2.8  
TAMRON M127F02820IR  
Vitek VTL-3085AN/IR  
Vitek VTL-2812AN/IR  
Arecont Vision MPL4.0  
Samsung SLA-2810D  
Fujinon YV10X5HR4A-2  
Arecont Vision LENS4.0  
Arecont Vision MPL8.0  
Arecont Vision MPL3.5  
Arecont Vision MPL6.2  
Arecont Vision MPL4-10  
Arecont Vision MPL33-12A  
Arecont Vision MPL8-16  
Tamron 12VM412ASIR  
Vitek VTL-7550AN/IR  
Panasonic PLAMP2406  
Arecont Vision MPL4-12  
Arecont Vision UHD7.2  
Panasonic PLZ5/10  
Panasonic PLZ15/33  
Vitek VTL-MP310D  
Vitek VTL-MP922D  
Panasonic PLAMP2812  
Bosch LVF-5003N-S3813  
Arecont Vision MPL33-11AI  
Pelco 13M2.8-8  
Panasonic PLZ20-5  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D2811  
Panasonic PLAMP0550  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D0550  
Honeywell HLD5V50DNL  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40  
Arecont Vision LENS4-10AI  
Arecont Vision MPL6.0  
Honeywell HLD3V8MPD  
Pelco 13M2.8-12  
Pelco 13M2.2-6  
Bosch LTC 3274-41  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40AI  
Arecont Vision M118FM08  
Arecont Vision M118FM16  
Vitek VTL-MP1050D/IR  
Bosch VLG-2V2806-MP3  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S1803  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S0940  
Arecont Vision LENS4-13  
Arecont Vision UHD45-10AI  
Pelco 13M15-50  
Honeywell HLM45V13MPD  
Fujinon Y12X6A-SE2  
Arecont Vision JHF25M  
Arecont Vision JHF35M  
Bosch LTC 3283-41  
Bosch LTC 3283-50  
Bosch LTC 3293-20  
Bosch LTC 3293-30  
Bosch LTC 3293-40  
Bosch LTC 3293-50  
Bosch LTC 3783-51  
Bosch LTC 3793-51  
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This Fujinon Fisheye FE185C046HA-1 lens supports cameras with a resolution of up to 5 MPs.  It has a focal length of 1.4 mm, and its iris ranges between F1.4 and F16.  This Fujinon lens can reach a high view angle of 185° × 185° with a ½ inch camera mount.  It mounts on to 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 inch camera mounts.  Utilizing the f-theta system, this lens is ideal for displaying universal images, and is convenient to switch between ordinary images and zoomed in images with software.



Fisheye View

The Fujinon FE185C0446HA shows a unique fisheye view that is unlike any standard cameras that are on the market today.  The fisheye view will give a wider angle that will let you see angles that cannot be seen with other lenses.  So in essence a camera with this lens can capture multiple angles without the use of an additional camera.


F-Theta System

This Fujinon 5 megapixel fish eye lens displays images in uniform appearance.  It is easy to convert between high-quality zoomed-in pictures and regular images.  F-theta lenses are also known as “scan” lenses, and they employ an algorithm to keep the spot diameter as small and constant as possible.

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