GeoVision GV-IRCAM20

ANPR Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• 570 TV Lines Resolution
• 12x Lens Focal Length
• 24 Built-in IR LED Illuminator
• 20 Meter Illumination Range
• Built-in Alway-On Blower
• Weatherproof IP66 Rating
• Aluminum Weatherproof Sunshield

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The GV-IRCAM20 ANPR camera by GeoVision is the ideal solution for your license plate capture application, especially reflective plates. It utilizes a 1/3" B/W Ex-view CCD which displays 600 TV lines resolution. The profound image sensor captures license plates in all lighting conditions: low light, strong headlight glare, no light, and strong sunlight.


This automatic number plate recognition camera  is equipped with an array of 24 infrared LED units. These shed an IR light that can reach 30 meters, with 15-25 meters being the optimal range. The infrared light reflects off the plate and is caught by the image sensor, which is then stored in the form of and image and numbers, making searching for it possible.


 The GV-IRCAM20 is enclosed in a IP66 housing. This enclosure offers protection from dust and even strong jets of water. It is also armed with a sunshield, to protect the lens from excess sunlight entering to the lens.  


This camera runs on 12v DC power supply. 

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