GeoVision GV-Reader

Proximity Contactless RFID Card Reader

2 Yr
Warranty Included
Proximity Contactless RFID Card Reader, 125kHz Proximity, Support Wiegand Interface, Support RS485 Communication, Red/Green LED
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GeoVision GV-Reader1251  
2M Technology 2MR-10  
2M Technology 2MR-08  
2M Technology 2MR-07  
2M Technology 2MR-19  
2M Technology 2MR-20  
2M Technology 2MR-09  
2M Technology 2MR-09K  
2M Technology 2MR-07K  
Rosslare Security AY-K20B  
Rosslare AY-K12  
Rosslare AY-J12  
Rosslare AY-L12  
Rosslare AY-H12  
Farpointe Data P-300  
Farpointe Data P-530  
Farpointe Data P-500HA  
Rosslare Security AY-S55  
Rosslare Security AYC-G64  
Rosslare Security AYC-M60  
Rosslare Security AYC-F64  
Rosslare Security AY-E20  
Rosslare AY-Q12  
Rosslare Security AYC-G60  
Rosslare AY-L23  
Rosslare Security AY-F66  
Farpointe Data P-700  
Rosslare AY-V12  
Rosslare Security AYC-Q60  
Rosslare Security AYC-E65BW  
Rosslare Security AYC-E65BG  
Rosslare Security AYC-E65BB  
HID MiniProx  
Rosslare Security AYC-Q64B  
Rosslare AY-R12  
2M Technology Prox Point  
Amano MDR  
HID EntryProx  
Rosslare Security AY-V64B  
2M Technology 2MR-25  
Farpointe Data P-640  
Farpointe Data P-400  
Rosslare Security AY-Z12A  
HID MaxiProx  
Rosslare AY-Z12  
2M Technology 2MR-28LR  
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GeoVision GV-Reader Proximity Contactless RFID Card Reader

The GV-Reader can work with GV-AS Controller and GV-ASManager to create a complete access control system.




  • GV-Reader 1251: 125kHz Proximity (EM) Card Reader
  • GV-Reader 1352 V2: 13.56MHz Mifare Contactless Smart Card Reader, ISO14443A compatible
  • GV-Reader 1352: 13.56MHz Mifare Contactless Smart Card Reader, IP66 Outdoor Rated
  • Support Wiegand interface
  • Support RS485 (9600bps) communication type
  • Red / Green LED and Beeper with auto / user mode setup
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