Geovision 2M-GV832

32 Channel Geo Vision Computer Based Desktop DVR System

2 Yr
Warranty Included
  • 32 channel video and audio input
  • Geo Vision Computer Based Desktop DVR System
  • GV-800B-16 x2
  • Real-Time Recording
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • Intel processor and motherboard
  • Operating System: Windows 7
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Geovision 2M-RM1432  
Geovision 91-12AP4-320  
Geovision 95-24BU4-320  
Geovision 91-48AP4-320  
Geovision 95-48BU4-320  
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Geovision 95-24BU8-320  
Geovision 91-48AP8-320  
Geovision 95-48BU8-320  
Geovision 95-5KBU8-320  
Geovision 91-5KBP8-320  
Geovision 95-48B20-320  
Geovision 95-50B20-320  
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2MCCTV 2M-122T4H  
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The Geovision 2M-GV832 surveillance system is ideal for large mansions for it offers 32-channel interface for audio and video inputs. This surveillance system ably accommodates 32 cameras plus 32 microphones over its dedicated channels. This surveillance system is configured with a computer designed with Intel’s processor and motherboard. This takes into consideration the fast and reliable operations about this surveillance system.

It is composed of two GV-800B-16-channel, computer-based Digital Video Recorders that not only record real-time videos but also convert them into a suitable format for easy viewing and storing purposes. It compresses the video into H.264 format, which is the most feasibly supported format on most of the media players. Also, it takes very less storage space.

This surveillance system operates at Windows 7 operating system. This operating system exhibits compatibility with various software related to surveillance applications. It enables DVD read/write operation for keeping record of the selected footages.

The two Digital Video Recorders featured in this surveillance system are identical in performance and capability as well. The individual functionality of these Digital Video Recorders adds up to give better performance.

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