Geovision 94-NU708-64A

64 Channels Ultra Series NVR

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • No. of Cam : 64
  • Bay : 8
  • System HDD : 500 GB
  • HDD : Add on
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Price : $4,058.82
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64 Channels Ultra Series NVR
The Geovision 94-NU708-64A NVR comes with an ability to support 64 Network IP cameras. The NVR is encased in a 4U Rack-mount chassis that features 4/8 Hot Swappable Bay. Powered by advanced Intel i7 processor and 8 GB RAM, the NVR offers high processing power.

Fast Processing Power of the NVR
The multithreading capabilities of Intel i7 processor, along with the 8 GB RAM ensures that the NVR has a fast processing power to process multiple footage that are fed into it by up to 64 cameras. The Windows 7 Operating system complements the 64 bit CPU architecture perfectly. The 500 GB of system HD offers a massive storage capacity that can be upgraded with add on HDD. The inclusion of DVR burner allows you to copy the desired footage on optical drives like DVDs and Blue-Rays.

Sturdy and Feature Rich 4 U Rack-mount Chassis
The NVR is encapsulated by a 4 U Rack-mount chassis that not only lends it its sturdiness, but also takes lesser space to install. The Rack-mount also comes with a 4/8 Hot Swappable Bay, making it easier for you replace or upgrade your system as per your requirements. To ensure that your surveillance capabilities don’t suffer, the Geovision 94-NU708-64A NVR comes with a warranty of two years.





94-NU708-64A 64 Channels Ultra Series NVR Features:


  • No. of Cam : 64
  • Bay : 8
  • System HDD : 500 GB
  • HDD : Add on
  • 4U Rackmount Hot Swap
  • 4/8 Hot Swappable Bay
  • Intel i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • DVR Burner
  • 500 GB System HD
  • 2 year warranty
  • Win-7, 64 bit