Geovision 94-RS08A-128

UVS Recording Server DVR

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • No. of Cam : 128
  • Bay : 8
  • System HDD : 500 GB
  • HDD : Add on
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UVS Recording Server DVR
The Geovision 94-RS08A-128 UVS Recording Server DVR is a Digital Video Recording system with provision for up to 32 security cameras, four bays and a stock system HDD with 500 GB capacity. With provision for an add-on hard disk drive, the DVR system is versatile and expandable.

The DVR system is equipped with Intel core-i7 processor featuring latest 64-bit CPU architecture and multiple cores for multi-threading, real-time multi-tasking with amazing processing speeds. An 8GB RAM offers ample physical memory to carry on HD video recording without any glitch.

Easy Integration, Easy Replacement
The DVR system integrates seamlessly into any existing security system and can be used to install a fresh new system too. The DVR is rack mount and occupies little space, while the 20/8 hot swappable bay makes the upgradation or replacement task easy.

Backup and Archive with Ample Storage
The 500GB built-in hard disk drive lets you store all your recordings with ease and can be used to install various tools, interfaces for effective security. The DVR Burner lets you backup and archive all your recordings, while the windows 7 embedded offwers a great operating environment to carry on with monitoring/surveillance.





94-RS08A-128 UVS Recording Server DVR Features:


  • No. of Cam : 128
  • Bay : 8
  • System HDD : 500 GB
  • HDD : Add on
  • Rackmount Hot Swap
  • 20/8 Hot Swappable Bay
  • Intel i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • DVR Burner
  • 500 GB System HD
  • 2 year warranty
  • Support dual monitors
  • Win-7, 64 bit