Geovision GV-600B-4

Four Channel DVR Capture Card

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

• 4 Camera Video Inputs
• 1 Audio Input
• 320 X 240 recording resolution @ 30 fps
• Video auto gain controller
• Digital watermark authentication
• Full D1, Half D1, and CIF Video Resolution
• Compatible with iPhones and Androids

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The GeoVision GV-600B-4 is a digital video recorder card that can connect up to 4 surveillance cameras.  It has a recording resolution of 320x240 at 30 frames per second.  The GV600-4 has watermark authentication, which validates the video.   Surveillance recordings can be viewed from laptop or tablet through the TCP/IP network.  The GeoVision DVR card has several recording modes, proving to be user friendly.



Affordable Price

The GV-600B-4 is very affordable and is perfect for a small business owner or residential use.  When it comes to surveillance capture cards, there are not many competitors that can match the superior quality of GeoVision.


Frame Rate

The GV600B-4 has a frame rate of 30 per second.  It is different for each camera, because the total frame rate is divided by the number of cameras.  For example, if four cameras are connected, it would be 7.5 FPS.  It is also possible to set the FPS for each camera.  Below is an example of 30 FPS on a surveillance camera. 


Example of 30 Frames Per Second




Up to D1 Resolution

It records in the three types of resolution available, D1, Half D1, and CIF.  CIF is 320×240 pixels and D1 is 720×480 pixels, which is 4 times larger than CIF(read more about DVR resolutions).  Geo H.264 V2 compression technology is also available on this device.


Built-In Web Server

GeoVision has a built-in web server in all its DVR cards.  This allows access to the videos from any computer, laptop, or tablet with internet access.  In order to sign in, passwords must be provided.  The DVR card has settings that allow the user to place one or more passwords.


Auto Gain Control

When there is insufficient light, the automatic gain control function will kick in and amplify the image clarity, preserving the scene quality.  In standard lighting conditions, the AGC feature will not be necessary, but will prove extremely useful in situations where the light will vary. 


Optional IP Camera Update

GeoVision’s capture card allows a user to add additional IP cameras to an existing system. This option essentially will future proof your security system as IP camera is becoming more common and cost efficient to use.  

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Q&A for the Geovision GV-600B-4
Question :
I just have one question about this card. I see it works with WHS 2008 64 bit. But I'm running WHS 2011 64 bit, will there be any problems or this card will work fine with it. I hear that WHS 2008 and WHS 2011 are very similar. If so then I will be purchasing this card from your sight. Ty
Answer    :
The GeoVision GV-600-B-4 only supports Windows Server 2008 R2 64-Bit.
Question :
Does it have a video output?
Answer    :
The GV-600B-4 has BNC baluns only.
Question :
Hi, When motion is detected, does it email the picture (snapshot or movie) to an iphone (which I have)? And can I sign in and view the cameras at anytime with the iphone? I would really appreciate this information. thank you.
Answer    :
Yes, in the settings, you can change the settings to email you anytime a scene is changed or motion is detected. You can download the GV-iView app to view live footage and recordings.

By: Joe Wilson ()
Date Added: Thursday 20 April, 2006
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Great product. But getting the 20fp version is silly :P I upgraded so I could actually see the two cameras I set up. Thanx for the info on teh GV products. I will definatly continue to buy from you as I upgrade. -JW

By: Jamie Stevens ()
Date Added: Wednesday 19 April, 2006
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
I definitively recommend the upgrades. The frame rate on these low end GV's is just not comprable to what the average customer wants.

By: Alex edwards ()
Date Added: Monday 21 June, 2004
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Geo Vision Card prices are great, I couldn\'t find anything cheaper elsewhere. Great Buy! 2MCCTV Has great customer service and fast response. I recommend purchasing, from them. They are willing to negotiate on some of the product prices