Geovision GV-600-8

8 channel DVR Capture Card

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

• 8 camera Video Inputs 
• 1 Audio Input 
• Windows Compatible 
• Intel Processor Recommended 
• iPhone and Android Compatible 
• Multi-User Level Authority 
• Motion Detection 
• 320 x 240 Resolution at 30 FPS


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The GeoVision GV-600B-8 is a capture card that can connect 1 audio and up to 8 camera inputs.  GeoVision employs the new H.264 compression technology, improving streaming and saving space on the external hard drive.  It utilizes a built-in DDNS and allows for remote viewing from laptops and smart phones.  GeoVision’s 600 series conveys 30 FPS through D1, Half D1, and CIF.  It is ideal for a small business owner looking for a quality DVR capture card on a budget.



Frame Rate

The GV-600B-8 records at 30 frames per second.  Each camera has a different FPS.  It is the total FPS divided by the number of cameras.  If eight cameras are connected, then each one would have a frame rate of 30 / 8 = 3.75 per second.  An example of 3.75 frames per second is below.


Example of 3.75 FPS (30 FPS ÷ 8 cameras)


iPhone and Android Compatible

All GeoVision cards have an integrated web-server, proving to be user-friendly by allowing users to view surveillance, even when away from the system.  With remote viewing, the user can observe videos from a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone.  All you need to do is install an app to be able to watch. Click to download on iPhone or Android.


Quality Resolution

The 8 channel GV-600B employs D1 (720 x 480), Half D1 (352 x 480), and CIF (352 x 240) video resolutions.  The resolution can be changed in the settings if the user would like to preserve bandwidth on the network.  

To learn more about resolution, click here.


Compression Modes

GeoVision utilizes H.264 codec to display the best picture quality.  This codec streams faster over the internet compared to MPEG4.  Faster streaming allows for better remote monitoring.  It also saves about half the space on the HDD.  This decreases storage costs.


Email Notification

The GV series cards have an option to notify the user by email.  If something triggers the alarm, the system automatically sends an email.  Through the settings, the user can choose the notification to be either a text or a JPEG shot of the cause.  The system also mails a notification if the camera loses signal.


Motion Detection

GeoVision offers motion detection recording which only records when there is motion.  This feature will save time by only recording when something is moving.  This will extend the amount of days that could be recorded on a hard drive, which saves money.


1 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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Date Added: Tuesday 05 April, 2005
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The board and software is great. However I wished I would have gotten the GV-800 or GV-900 for faster frame rate. I am happy with this board.