Geovision GV-800B-16

Sixteen Channel DVR Capture Card

3 Yr
Warranty Included

- 16 Channel Video and 4 Audio Inputs
- D1 Display Resolution
- Recording Resolution:
- 120 fps @ CIF (320 x 240)
- 60 fps @ D1 (720 x 480)
- Geo MPEG4, Geo H.264 Compression
- Supports GV-Multi Quad Card, GV-Loop Through Card, GV-NET/IO Card
- Expandable up to 32 Channel

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For the GV-Series digital surveillance system, the GeoVision GV-800A-16 sixteen channels DVR (Digital Video Recorder) card is an essential component in the system.  Using the GV-800A, you can connect up to 16 cameras to the GV series DVR systems with the capability to display D1 resolution video.  D1 resolution offers more detail surveillance with 720x480 pixels for your security system.  This PC based digital capture card retrieve live video data and stores it to your hard drive or network drive for archival purposes.


Geovision GV-DVR system is designed to process video, audio, and data from local and remote network surveillance environments.  With the latest version V8.5, the GV-Series surveillance system delivers a high performance platform with advanced management tools.  The GV-Surveillance with the Video Management Platform supports the GV-Series system to provide performance-enhanced video monitoring and various video analytics/control features which are usable for even enterprise level security.  Among the features available, the GV system offers adjustable frame rates and the latest H.264 video compression for saving on the cost of hard drive storage.


Available with PCI-E or PCI interfaces

Includes Gv-DVR Digital Surveillance V8.5 software

Currently not compatible with VIA series and ATI series chipset motherboard

Sample GV-DVR Solution










Sixteen Channel Video

GeoVision GV-800A DVR capture card supports up to 16 cameras with a single PC based capture card.   This DVR capture card uses either a PCI or a PCI-E interface for easy installation and for quickly setting up to your computer.


Audio Input Support

Four audio inputs are available for the addition of audio pickup devices on this DVR capture card. With audio inputs, you can record both audio and video simultaneously in the same scene. The 4 audio channels are enough to cover areas in which having both audio along with video is essential.


D1 Display Resolution

The GV-Series card offers D1 quality image resolution for video monitoring. D1 resolution allows for more accurate video surveillance with higher levels of details in each scene. With D1 resolution, the user has greater chance to detect the small details within a scene that they might have missed previously.


Adjustable Frame Rate Recording

An advanced feature available with this digital capture card is the ability for varying frame rates for each channel of video. Adjustable frame rate offers the advantage of delegating frame rate and computer resource to record important scenes which would be better viewed in real time.


Expandable up to 32 Channel

GeoVision's digital capture card gives the user the ability to expand from a 16 camera system to a large scale 32 camera GV-Series surveillance system. With the GV-DVR software, expanding your system is as simply as inserting two GV-800A cards into a PC based DVR.









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By: Henry Samson ()
Date Added: Wednesday 17 May, 2006
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This card can be hooked up with 16 colored or B/W cameras, with 120 frames per second! That is so awsome, I bought the Gv-800-16 5 months ago, and I love it!!!