Geovision GV-800B-4

Four Channel Camera DVR Capture Card

3 Yr
Warranty Included

• 4 Channel BNC Inputs

• 4 Audio Inputs
• D1 Display Resolution
• Recording Resolution:
– 120 fps @ CIF (320 x 240)
– 60 fps @ D1 (720 x 480)
• Geo MPEG4, Geo H.264 Compression
• Supports GV-Multi Quad Card, GV-Loop Through Card, GV-NET/IO Card

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GeoVision's GV-800B-4 is a DVR card designed to accommodate up to four cameras, but allows the user to add additional IP cameras.  GeoVision has unmatched quality and offers convenient user interface.  The GV800B-4 utilizes its built-in web server to enable you to view surveillance on smart phones, laptops, or tablets.  This DVR card can be scheduled to record ahead of time, detects motion, and can send email alerts.



Unmatched Quality

Geovision is known for their quality in DVR capture card and the easy usability of their software. Geovision also offers a three year warranty on all of their capture cards compared to the traditional one year from most of its competitors.


Email Notification

You can add a setting to be immediately alerted via email when the alarm goes off.  The email can just include a text alerting the owner, or a JPEG shot of the trigger that caused the alarm.  Should you be away from your computer, you can still be alerted if something is happening. In the case of a camera losing signal, the system will detect, display, and email the user a message stating so. 


Multiple Recording Modes

This DVR card is very use friendly, as it offers many recording options.  Motion detection, around the clock, and pre-scheduled recording modes are available on the GV-800-4.   This GeoVision card has the option to start recording when it senses any motion.  This saves space on your HDD.


Control of I/O devices

Embedded are I/O device controls and a PTZ control panel.  It is also possible to use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control a GV system.  The Pan Tilt Zoom option comes in handy when there is a moving object in the radius of the camera.  The Microsoft Remote Desktop is a very convenient way of viewing recordings if you are away from the computer that has the GV800-4 installed in it.


Optional IP Camera Update

Geovision’s capture card allows a user to add additional IP cameras to an existing system. This option essentially will future proof your security system as IP camera is becoming more common and cost efficient to use.  


Multi-User Levels

This DVR card allows for multiple users and offers different user level restrictions.  In order to access recordings, multiple passwords are required.  This ensures top security and minimizes risks of hackings. 



1 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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Q&A for the Geovision GV-800B-4
Question :
No me esta claro si las grabaciones pueden ser hechas en 4 archivos separados al mismo tiempo, es decir una grabaci�n independiente para cada canal de entrada, pero lo reitero al mismo tiempo
Answer    :
Este GV-800-4 le dar� la opci�n que usted est� buscando.

By: kurt Milller ()
Date Added: Wednesday 19 April, 2006
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
The best card for the four channel system real time excellent buy.

By: Thong Phong ()
Date Added: Tuesday 05 April, 2005
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
The bord is good. Very fast at 30 fps on cameras. Best board and 2M has best prices.