Hikvision DS-1100KI

Network Keyboard

5 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Ergonomic design with 800×480 LCD touch panel
  • Live view and playback of video on screen at up to 1080p resolution
  • 1-channel video decoding for local preview
  • Video capture and recording to local U-flash disk
  • Compatible with DVR/DVS, matrix, network camera/dome, PC-DVR, etc. 
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GeoVision GV-COM V3  
GeoVision GV-IO 12-In Card V3  
GeoVision GV-Relay 55-RELAY-200  
GeoVision GV-IO 12-Out Card V3  
GeoVision GV-NET/IO Card  
Geovision GV-IO Box 4 Port  
Geovision GV-IO Box 8 Port  
2MCCTV 2M-AK76  
GeoVision GV-IO Box 16 Port  
GeoVision GV-Keyboard V3  
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2M Technology 2MK-B782D  
Panasonic WVCU650  
GeoVision GV-Tower NVR  
2M Technology 2MK-5880  
2M Technology 2MK-B781DIP  
2M Technology 2MM-6416M  
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The Hikvision DS-1100KI is a highly advanced keyboard designed to offer comprehensive pan, tilt, zoom, image processing and several other features that offers accurate video surveillance in demanding situations like public security, finance, army, traffic, electric power, telecommunications, etc.

This smart keyboard has all the significant buttons, LCD display and a joystick that allows you to control all the PAN movements of the connected camera. Moreover, you can also access two or more camera with this keyboard. Simply select the camera you want to access and have a complete control over it.

This ergonomic design keyboard features a 800×480 resolution LCD touch panel that allows you to view all the 1080p/720p/4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF resolution videos at a single touch. It is easy to customize and have multi-view display mode that you can customize as per your requirement.

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