Hikvision DS-2CD2712F-I

1.3MP Outdoor Network IR Dome Camera

5 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • 1.3MP (1280 x 960) high resolution
  • 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens
  • Up to 20m IR visibility
  • True day/night
  • 3D DNR & DWDR & BLC
  • IP66 rating
  • Vandal-proof housing 
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Brickcom FD-501Af  
Brickcom VD-301Af  
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2M Technology 2MVIP-4MIR30V-P  
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Speco Technologies O2MD1W  
GeoVision GV-VD2440  
GeoVision GV-VD2540  
GeoVision GV-VD3400  
Messoa NDR891PRO-HN5  
Samsung SNV-5080R  
Brickcom VD-130Np  
Samsung SND-6084R  
Brickcom VD-502Ap  
2M Technology 2MVIP-1.3IRL212E  
Samsung SNV-6084R  
Speco Technologies VIP2D2M  
D-Link DCS-6314  
2M Technology 2MVIP-3IR36L312  
Sony SNCDH160  
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Arecont Vision AV1255AMIR  
Pelco IMPS110-1ERI  
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Arecont Vision AV1255AMIR-H  
Speco Technologies VIP3D2M  
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Arecont Vision AV2255AMIR  
Arecont Vision AV2255AMIR-H  
Arecont Vision AV2255AMIR-A  
Arecont Vision AV2255AMIR-AH  
Sony SNCDH260  
Sony SNCEM632R  
Pelco IMP1110-1ERI  
Pelco IMP1110-1ERS  
Pelco IMP1110-1ERP  
Arecont Vision AV3255AMIR  
2M Technology 2MVIP-3IR36L312WD  
Arecont Vision AV3255AMIR-H  
Arecont Vision AV3256PMIR  
2M Technology 2MVIP-5IR36L49Z  
Arecont Vision AV3256PM-A  
Arecont Vision AV5255AMIR  
Pelco IMP219-1ERI  
Pelco IMP219-1ERS  
Arecont Vision AV3256PMIR-A  
Arecont Vision AV5255AMIR-H  
Pelco IMP219-1ERP  
Arecont Vision AV5255AMIR-AH  
Sony SNCDH180  
Pelco IMP319-1ERS  
Pelco IMP319-1ERI  
Pelco IMP319-1ERP  
Sony SNCVM602R  
Arecont Vision AV10255AMIR  
Arecont Vision AV10255AMIR-H  
Sony SNCVM632R  
Sony SNCDH280  
2M Technology 2MPIP-2M500LS40XIVS  
Veilux VVIP-2V  
Veilux VVIP-5V  
ACTi D72  
ACTi E71  
ACTi E72  
ACTi E54  
GeoVision GV-FD120D  
ACTi D81  
ACTi E73  
GeoVsion GV-VD120D  
ACTi D82  
ACTi E81  
ACTi E82  
ACTi E85  
ACTi E83  
ACTi E86  
GTIN : 816783014819
UPC : 816783014819
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Ask a Question  about the Hikvision DS-2CD2712F-I 1.3MP Outdoor Network IR Dome Camera
The DS-2CD2712F-I Outdoor Network IR Dome Camera is a superior choice for both day and night CCTV surveillance needs.  The camera uses a 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS and offers over 1.3MP (1280x960) high resolution with a speed of 25-30 frames per second.  This camera also offers superb low light performance down to 0.01Lux- 0.014Lux with the use of IRs and an auto IR cut filter with an IR range of maximum 20meters. Its 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens offers a wide angle of view ranging from 80°-27.2° covering wider range.
To add further, the DS-2CD2712F-I also has Digital WDR abilities, which allow compensating for variations in background and foreground lighting.  When in IR mode this CCTV camera allows to capture images up to 20 ft. away even in complete darkness.
The camera has a weatherproof rating of IP66 and a Vandal-proof housing, along with flexibility of dual power options like, 12 VDC ± 10% and PoE (802.3af).  The durable casing and high impact dome make it perfectly vandal resistant.
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