Hikvision DS-4008HCI

8 Channel 4CIF Compression Card

5 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • H.264 (MPEG-4/Part 10) real-time video compression
  • OggVorbis real-time audio compression
  • Up to real-time 4CIF recording
  • PCI 2.2 standard
  • Provide full SDK and demo source code
  • Support variable bit rate and frame rate
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Geovision GV-600B-4  
Geovision GV-600-8  
GeoVision GV600-16  
Geovision GV-800B-4  
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Geovision GV-650B-16  
Geovision GV-800B-8  
Hikvision DS-4316HFVI-E  
GeoVision GV-900A-8  
Geovision GV-800B-16  
Geovision GV-1120B-16  
Hikvision DS-4216HFVI  
Geovision GV-1240B-16  
Geovision GV-900A-16  
Geovision GV-1480B-16  
GeoVision GV-900A-32  
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The Hikvision DS-4008HCI is a 4-channel PCI Compression Card with real-time 4CIF recording support at 25frames per second. The SCB-3004 also supports 4-channels of audio OggVorbis real-time audio compression for microphones. It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Linux operating system. It uses H.264 real-time video compression and offers full demo and SDK source code.

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