Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB

Multi-Channel Embedded Hybrid DVR

5 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • H.264 video compression
  • Up to 4CIF resolution recording
  • VGA output at 1280 × 1024 resolution
  • Dual-stream
  • 4/8/16-ch synchronous playback
  • SADP(IP Finder), NTP, DHCP, SMTP protocols 
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2MCCTV 2M-7716HFI  
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Speco Technologies D16RS  
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2M Technology 2MC-5216HFVI-E  
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Speco Technologies D16WDS  
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Speco Technologies D16CS  
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Bosch DVR-5000-16A000  
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SECO-LARM DR-116-500Q  
2M Technology 2MD-VR9216HFI-S  
Bosch DVR-5000-16A001  
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Samsung SRD-1653D  
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Bosch DVR-670-16A000  
Bosch DVR-670-16A050  
Bosch DVR-670-16A001  
Bosch DVR-670-16A100  
2M Technology 2MD-8816  
Bosch DVR-670-16A200  
Bosch DVR-670-16A051  
Bosch DVR-670-16A101  
Speco Technologies D20LX  
Bosch DVR-670-16A201  
Speco Technologies D32GS  
Geovision 96-80BR0-160  
Geovision 92-80AE2-160  
Geovision 96-12BR0-160  
Geovision 92-12AE2-160  
Geovision 92-24AE2-160  
Geovision 92-48AE2-160  
Geovision 96-24BR0-160  
Geovision 91-24AP2-160  
Hikvision DS-9016HFI-SH  
Geovision 91-12AP4-160  
Geovision 91-48AP2-160  
Geovision 96-48BR0-160  
Geovision 91-24AP4-160  
Geovision 91-48AP4-160  
Geovision 91-12AP8-160  
Geovision 91-24AP8-160  
Geovision 91-48AP8-160  
Geovision 95-24BU4-160  
Geovision 95-48BU4-160  
Geovision 91-5KBP8-160  
Geovision 95-5KBU4-160  
Geovision 95-48BU8-160  
Geovision 95-5KBU8-160  
Geovision 95-50B20-160  
Honeywell HF41648P4T0N  
Veilux VR-16960H-E-A  
Veilux VR-16960H-S-A  
Veilux VR-16960H-A  
Samsung SRD-1610D  
Samsung SRD-1652D  
Dedicated Micros ECO16  
Samsung SRD-1670DC  
Dedicated Micros DS2PD-16  
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Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB
The Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB from 2M Technology is a 16-channel DVR which can do up to 4CIF resolution recording. This quality unit, which transfers maximum frames in a second, comes equipped with H.264 video compression technology. The Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB supports WD1 resolution recording in real time.

Impressive Performer
The Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB gives VGA output at 1-ch, resolution with 1280×1024/60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz. This dual-stream digital video recorder allows 4-Ch synchronous-playback. It has a frame rate of 25 fps for PAL and 30 fps NTSC. The audio-output is 1-Ch. RCA with dual stream support and 64kbps audio bit-rate. Its hard disk driver features 1 SATA interfaces with up to 2TB capacity. The external interface consists of 1 RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces and 1 RJ45 RS-485 serial interface. The Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST-1TB can operate in a working temperature range of -10 °C to +55 °C with less than 10W of power consumption if it is without hard-disk or DVD R/W.

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