Honeywell 5193SDT

Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Integral Heat Sensor

Product Features:

  • Versatile Mounting
  • Tamper Protection and Tamper Resistance
  • Easy Installation
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Test button 
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Honeywell’s 5193SD/SDT Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with compatible UL-listed Honeywell control panels that support V-Plex® technology. The detector incorporates a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber and an advanced microprocessor. Built-in Drift Compensation algorithms automatically maintain proper operation at factory calibrated detection levels, even when sensitivity is altered due to the presence of contaminates settling into the unit’s chamber. The 5193SDT also features a restorable, built-in, fixed temperature (135° F/57.2° C) thermal detector.



5193SDT Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Integral Heat Sensor Features:


  • Easy Installation: Installation of the 5193SD/SDT detector is simplified by the use of a mounting base that may be pre-wired to the system, allowing the detector to be easily installed or removed for maintenance or service. (See Tamper-Resistant Feature/Wiring).
  • LED Status Indicators: Two LEDs (green and red) provide local visual indication of the detector’s status – including normal operation, alarm, out of sensitivity and trouble conditions.
  • Test button: This button allows the user to perform periodic testing of the detector’s circuitry and verify that the detector is within the sensitivity limits.
  • Versatile Mounting: Mounting is made simple with the included hardware and the large mounting ports, which accommodate drywall anchors for easy surface mounting. (See Tamper-Resistant Feature/Wiring).
  • Tamper Protection and Tamper Resistance: The detector
    contains a built-in tamper switch that can communicate back to the control panel in the event the detector is removed from its base. For an added level of security, the detector also includes a tamper resistant element that prevents removal from the base without the use of tools. (See Tamper-Resistant Feature/Wiring).