Honeywell 5895XL

Honeywell 5895XL

Honeywell 5895XL: Intelligent Power Module, 6.0A output power, Flexput I/O circuits, Supports Class A, Ground loop isolation, Transient protection
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Honeywell 5895XL Intelligent Power Module



With 6.0 amps of output power, six programmable Flexput I/O circuits, and two Form C relay contacts, the Model 5895XL Intelligent Power Module allows you to greatly enhance the capabilities of an IntelliKnight system, distributing power where needed throughout a facility.

5895XL modules connect via the RS-485 system bus. Up to eight 5895XL modules can be used per IntelliKnight system. Each 5895XL has its own optically isolated RS-485 bus to which other modules, such as 5860 remote annunciators and 5824 printer interface modules, can be connected. You can also connect 5815XL SLC expansion modules, adding flexibility and wiring distance. Each 5895XL supports its own backup batteries and monitors the AC power.




  • 6.0A output power
  • Flexput I/O circuits, 3A each, programmable as notification circuits, auxiliary power circuits, or initiation circuits
  • Supports Class A configuration for SBUS & Flexput circuits
  • Ground loop isolation
  • 2 Form C programmable relays rated at 2.5A at 24 VDC
  • Transient protection
  • SBUS repeater conditions the RS-485 signal
  • Up to 6,000 feet wiring distance from 5895XL (same distance as main FACP)
  • Battery charging capacity 35 Ah
  • Large cabinet can house two 18 Ah batteries or RBB accessory cabinet can house battery sizes larger than 18 Ah
  • Room in FACP cabinet to mount two 5815XL SLC expander's
  • Built-in synchronization for appliances from AMSECO, Gentex, Faraday, System Sensor, and Wheelock
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