Honeywell 6165EX

Custom Alpha Display Keypad

Product Features:

  • Compact size
  • Portrait style
  • Four fully programmable function keys
  • Removable white door blends with any décor
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Honeywell’s 6165EX Custom Alpha Keypad is compact in size with a portrait style design to fit more applications and has an attractive white console that blends in perfectly with any décor. The 6165EX features a custom alpha backlit display, where end-users can personalize each zone, making system operation easy. The 6165EX can display three-digit zone numbers for use with higher-end systems and contains a contoured, removable door that conceals soft-touch illuminated keys.

The 6165EX programs and displays exactly like the 6160 keypad, making installation, training and operation simple. There are four, fully programmable function keys that can be customized for quick arming, controlling lights and garage doors and panics to alert fire, police, medical or other emergency response personnel. Colored, self-adhesive labels are included for the function keys.



6165EX Custom Alpha Display Keypad Features:


  • Compact size
  • Portrait style
  • Custom Alpha, 32 character display
  • Tamper for supervision
  • Displays three-digit zone numbers
  • Soft-touch keys are continuously backlit for greater visibility
  • Piezoelectric sounder with audible beeps to indicate:
    - System status
    - Entry/exit delay
    - Other alarm situations
  • Four fully programmable function keys
  • Removable white door blends with any décor
  • Single-button function keys for quick operation
  • Fully compatible with all VISTA PLUS controls
  • System functions are clearly labeled on the front plastic