Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-128B

VISTA Series Commercial Burglar Alarm Control Panel

VISTA Series Commercial Burglar Alarm Control Panel, 9 Style-B Hardwired Zones, Supports up to 119 Zones, Accommodates 150 User Codes, Supports up to 128 Wireless Zones, Up to 16 Two-Wire Smoke Detectors
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Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-128B VISTA Series Commercial Burglar Alarm Control Panel



ADEMCO's VISTA-128B is an eight-partition, UL/CUL Commercial Burglary Control Platform that supports up to 128 zones using basic hardwired, polling loop, and wireless zones. It also includes zones for supervision of bells, keypads, RF receivers, and relays. In addition, the control offers scheduling capabilities and allows certain operations to be automated by pressing a single button. The system has the capability to interface with an ECP Long Range Radio unit that can send Contact ID messages and an alphanumeric paging device. When connected to ADEMCO's PassPoint system (via the Vista Gateway Module), the VISTA-128B provides a fully integrated security and access control system.


The VISTA-128B is well suited for a variety of applications as a burglary control and is supported by a diverse line of ADEMCO initiating devices. Some of the applications supported are medical and professional buildings, supermarkets, churches or synagogues, office buildings, schools, universities, strip malls, larger residences and factory or warehouse environments.




  • Provides nine style-B hardwired zones
  • Supports up to 119 additional zones using a built-in polling (multiplex) loop interface
  • Can control up to eight separate partitions independently, each functioning as if it had its own separate control
  • Accommodates 150 user codes with seven authority levels
  • Supports up to 128 wireless zones using a 5881 type RF receiver (fewer if using hardwired and/or polling loop zones)
  • Supports the 5817CB Wireless Commercial Transmitter
  • Supports the 5869 Wireless Commercial Burglary Hold-up switch
  • Supports the 5881ENHC Wireless Commercial receiver
  • Accommodates 32 keypad macro commands per system
  • Keeps a log of up to 512 events
  • Supports up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
  • Supports up to 50 latching-type glassbreak detectors on zone 8
  • Integrates with PassPoint access control to provide increased users, event log, and scheduling
  • Supports V-Plex addressable VistaKey access control (up to 8 doors)
  • Easily programmed and maintained using Compass Windows-based downloader
  • Supports the ADEMCO 4286 VIP Module
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