Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-15

VISTA Series Control Panel

VISTA Series Control Panel, 6 Hardwired Zones, Expands to 32 Zones, 16 User Codes, 48 Event Log, 2-/4-Wire Smoke Detectors
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Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-15 VISTA Series Control Panel



False alarm reducing features, security enhancements and end user appeal make the economical VISTA-15 the industry's most sophisticated, versatile control. With both hardwire and wireless expansion and features like Night Arming and Cancel Verification, the VISTA-15 can meet even the most demanding requirements.


VISTA-15 has the installation flexibility & expandability to be used in simple configurations, complex installs and everything in between. VISTA-15 has incorporated SIA false alarm reducing requirements with the latest technology. VISTA-15 offers your customers a choice of system features that add value to any install. With superior wireless remote control, phone operation and choice of keypads, VISTA-15 can be easily operated to fit your customers needs.




  • Six hardwired zones
  • Expands to 32 total zones (up to 26 wireless and/or 14 hardwired zones)
  • 16 user codes
  • 48 event log with date/time stamp
  • Two-wire or four-wire smoke detectors
  • Fast and easy E2 programming mode
  • Exit delay reset
  • Alarm cancel verification
  • Unvacated Auto-Stay
  • Cross zoning/alarm verification
  • Short vs. open detection & reporting
  • Telephone-line monitor
  • Arming level increase
  • Easy-to-use single button operation
  • Quick exit
  • Quick arm
  • X-10 control & 4 relays supported for home management
  • Enhanced paging capabilities
  • 24-hour monitoring zone
  • Compatible keypad family
  • Wireless remote control
    • 5804 - Four button, fully programmable key
    • 5804BD - Four button, fully programmable key with status feedback for added security
    • 5827BD - Wireless keypad with status feedback
  • Phone Control
    • 4285 - Turns any touch-tone phone into a voice response keypad
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