Honeywell DT6360STC

Ceiling-Mount DUAL Technology Sensor

Product Features:

•Microwave Advanced Processing (MAP) 
•Microwave/PIR Technology 
•Built-in Diagnostics and Supervision 
•Ceiling Mount Design 
•Microcontroller-initiated Self-tests 
•Trouble Output


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Honeywell’s microcontroller-based, ceiling mount DUAL TEC Motion Sensor provides all of the advantages of DUAL TEC motion sensor accuracy and reliability in a convenient ceiling mount design.



DT6360STC Ceiling-Mount DUAL Technology Sensor Features:


Microwave Advanced Processing (MAP)
Incoming microwave and PIR signals are constantly monitored and individually qualified for intrusion characteristics. The timing and sequence of each of these signals must be qualified by MAP settings to specific environments, allowing for optimum catch performance and false alarm immunity.

Microwave/PIR Technology
The use of dual technology provides the best detection available while virtually eliminating false alarms and costly service calls.

Built-in Diagnostics and Supervision
Allows trouble conditions to be quickly identified, diagnosed and corrected.

Ceiling Mount Design
360° field-of-view, mounting height from 8' to 16' (2.4m to 4.9m), install as recessed or surface mount.

Microcontroller-initiated Self-tests
Microcontroller automatically initiates self-tests at power-up, trouble conditions and programmed intervals.

Trouble Output
After a trouble is confirmed with a self-test, the trouble output can be used to annunciate the trouble condition.

Full Supervision Microwave/PIR
– Patented INFORMER® circuit constantly monitors microwave and PIR against blockage and misapplication.
– Independent circuit supervises both microwave and PIR against failure; at a loss of signal, microcontroller initiates self-test and unit switches automatically to single technology operation.

Surface or flush mount on ceilings (flush mount kit included); maximum standard range obtained at 11' (3.4m). PIR mirror assembly included for installation on 12' to 16' (3.7m to 4.9m) ceilings.



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