Honeywell HCU484

Ultra Wide Dynamic Color Camera



  • 1/3" Ultra Wide Dynamic DPS imager
  • 32-bit digital processing
  • Greater than 480 TV lines of resolution
  • 12 VDC/24 VAC with line lock
  • DC and Manual Iris CS lens support
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Ask a Question  about the Honeywell HCU484 Ultra Wide Dynamic Color Camera
Honeywell’s HCU484 is the ideal camera for environments with high contrast and changing light conditions. Using Digital Pixel System® (DPS) Capture Technology, images are converted from analog to a digital format within each pixel immediately after the image is captured. Even in high contrast lighting conditions, the HCU484 delivers higher quality images, significantly better dynamic range (120 dB max), and higher frame rates than conventional CCD cameras.
While conventional cameras record every pixel in a frame with the same exposure time, the HCU484 records each of the 388,800 pixels at its own optimum exposure time. This results in correct color rendering and capturing details in all applications including high contrast scenes with shadows and glare. The Digital Pixel System® Capture Technology delivers crisp, color-saturated high resolution images without the presence of blooming or smearing, in both moving and still pictures.
The HCU484 offers convenient remote control of the on-screen menus via compatible DVRs and keyboards with Diamond control protocol, facilitating setup and camera maintenance. Seven wide dynamic presets allow quick and easy setup of the camera for various applications such as ATM machines, loading docks, lobbies, and scenes with intense glare from spotlights or car headlights. The day/night mode combined with digital slow shutter offers excellent nighttime performance while maintaining the wide dynamic capabilities of the imager.


  • 1/3" Ultra Wide Dynamic DPS imager
  • 32-bit digital processing
  • Greater than 480 TV lines of resolution
  • RS485 remote control of on-screen display menus via Diamond protocol using compatible DVRs and keyboards
  • Seven Wide Dynamic presets for easy setup and configuration of camera for wide variety of applications
  • Dynamic range: 102 dB typical/120 dB max – 100 to 200 times greater than conventional CCD cameras
  • Transient protection on inputs and outputs
  • Temperature range: 14ºF to 113ºF (-10ºC to 45ºC)
  • Higher frame rates – 50/60 fps progressive video capture for sharp image definition in all lighting conditions
  • 0.4 lux @ F1.2 for true color representation in daytime, and black and white at night.
  • 12 VDC/24 VAC with line lock
  • DC and Manual Iris CS lens support
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