Honeywell HD4DIRS

High Resolution VFAI Lens True Day/Night IR Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Minidome Camera



  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD™ CCD II image sensor
  • 600 TVL resolution
  • 18 photocell controlled near infrared LEDs
  • 3.3-12 mm (F1.5) IR corrected Varifocal Auto Iris lens
  • Dual 12 V DC/24 V AC
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Speco Technologies VLED23T7G  
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Vitek VTD-AR2812/IWM  
Veilux VV-70IR36V  
Honeywell HD273H  
Vitek VTD-AR2812/VWM  
Speco Technologies HT5940H  
Speco Technologies HT670H  
Speco Technologies HT671H  
Vitek VTD-MVP2810/L35/B  
Honeywell HD273  
Vitek VTD-MVP922/L35/B  
Speco Technologies HT6040K  
Speco Technologies CVC5845DNVW  
Speco Technologies ZIP2D  
Vitek VTD-MVP1850/L35/B  
Speco Technologies HT650IRVFHQW  
Speco Technologies CVC5300DPVF  
Speco Technologies HTD8SCSB  
Speco Technologies HTD8SCSW  
Speco Technologies CVC5945DNV  
Speco Technologies CVC5945DNVW  
Speco Technologies HTD8SCSC  
Speco Technologies HTD10XH  
KT&C KNC-p3DR28V12IR  
ACTi D71A  
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Ask a Question  about the Honeywell HD4DIRS High Resolution VFAI Lens True Day/Night IR Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Minidome Camera
Honeywell's line of infrared-illuminated cameras uses the latest True/Day Night surveillance imaging technology to deliver brilliant color images during the day and improved low-light sensitivity at night. IR technology automatically adjusts intensity to avoid hot spots in the image to deliver extremely clear, sharp images regardless of lighting conditions.
The HD4DIRS combines Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology with 18 integrated light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to improve overall image clarity and compression efficiencies on DVRs. By removing noise artifacts such as electronic static, DNR technology optimizes motion detection performance by the DVR. When used in conjunction with the HD4DIRS photo cell-driven IR LEDs, using a dual window IR cut and IR pass filter, DNR captures a crisp, clean image, enhancing the integrity of the recorded video.
Generating 600 TV lines of resolution, the HD4DIRS produces sharper images down to the smallest detail with outstanding accuracy. A 3.3-12 mm IR corrected Varifocal Auto Iris lens eliminates focus shift when the camera switches between color and IR modes. In addition, an optical lens shield located inside the dome delivers evenly distributed nighttime vision with no internal reflection or “halo” effects.
The HD4DIRS is designed for simple installation and use in the most challenging environments. The ultra-rugged die cast aluminum housing and scratch-resistant 3.5 mm-thick polycarbonate dome cover is IP66-rated for outdoor installations and can withstand heavy external impacts, making it ideal for installations where structural integrity and vandal resistance are important.
The HD4DIRS housing can instantly convert from flush to surface mount on a wall or ceiling or directly to a 4S electrical box. Setup is quick and easy and can be customized on-site using the provided second video service cable and user-friendly on-screen display. The housing also includes both composite and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) outputs. In addition, the housing incorporates a heater that allows the camera to work in temperatures as low as -40ºF (-40°C) and a breather vent that prevents condensation from forming inside the housing. Optional wall and pendant mount kits are available.


  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD™ CCD II image sensor, 600 TVL resolution
  • 18 photocell controlled near infrared LEDs
  • Highlight Masking Exposure (HME) masks bright spots in a scene, providing better overall clarity
  • Built-in breather vent to prevent condensation
  • Single model instantly converts to flush or surface mount
  • Coax and UTP built in (standard)
  • On-Screen Display menu for easy camera setup
  • Built-in heater for outdoor environments
  • 3.3-12 mm (F1.5) IR corrected Varifocal Auto Iris lens
  • 3-axis gimbal bracket allows for fine camera rotation and placement
  • Local video output for setup
  • Dual 12 V DC/24 V AC