Honeywell HD4MWIH

Wide Dynamic 720p True Day/Night Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Minidome IP Camera



  • Dynamic Range: 115 dB
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Video motion detection
  • Wall and pendant mount kits available
  • Selectable compression formats
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Price : $920.57
Save :  $771.29
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D-Link DCS-6210  
Panasonic WV-SF549  
GeoVision GV-VD2440-E  
GeoVision GV-VD3440-E  
Panasonic WV-NW502S  
GeoVision GV-UBX2301-1F  
Hikvision DS-2CD7164-E-4MM  
GeoVision GV-MFD130  
Pelco IS51-DNV10S  
Vitek VTD-MVP2810WDR  
Sony SNCDH110/W  
Pelco IS50-CHV10F  
Vitek VTD-MVP922WDR  
2M Technology 2MDIP-M1.3  
Panasonic WVSF132  
Pelco IS50-DNV10F  
Pelco IS51-DNV10F  
Vivotek PD8136  
ACTi E93  
Speco Technologies OIPC22T7G  
GeoVision GV-MFD320  
Hikvision DS-2CD733F-E  
Samsung SND-5010  
Pelco IMS0C10-1  
Honeywell H4SVP1  
Brickcom VD-200Af-A1  
GeoVision GV-MFD520  
Samsung SNV-5010  
Hikvision DS-2CD764FWD-EZ  
Pelco IMS0DN10-1V  
Hikvision DS-2CD753F-E  
Pelco IMS0C10-1V  
Samsung SND-3082(F)  
GeoVision GV-VD1530  
Arecont Vision AV2455DN-S  
Brickcom VD-300Af-A1  
Pelco IS50-DWSV8F  
Pelco IS51-DWSV8F  
Honeywell HD54IP  
Honeywell H4S1P1  
Messoa NDF831PRO-HN5  
Samsung SND-5080(F)  
Samsung SNV-6012M  
GeoVision GV-VD1540  
Vivotek MD8562  
Arecont Vision AV2456DN-S  
Pelco IMS0C10-1E  
Panasonic WV-SF332  
Arecont Vision D4F-AV2115V1-3312  
GeoVision GV-VD2430  
GeoVision GV-VD2530  
Hikvision DS-2CD7264FWD-EIZ  
Brickcom VD-302Ap  
Sony SNCDH120T  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV1115V1-3312  
Samsung SND-3080(F)  
Honeywell HD55IP  
Speco Technologies OINT03D1G  
Hikvision DS-2CD754FWD-EZ  
Brickcom MD-300Np  
Brickcom VD-500Af-A1  
Sony SNCXM632  
Sony SNCXM636  
Sony SNCXM637  
Sony SNCDH120  
BOSCH NUC-50022-F4  
BOSCH NUC-50022-F2  
Arecont Vision AV3455DN-S  
Pelco IMPS110-1EI  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV2115V1-3312  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV1115DNV1-3312  
Pelco IMS0DN10-1E  
Samsung SND-6084  
Hikvision DS-2CD7233F-EIZH  
Hikvision DS-2CD7253F-EIZ  
Pelco IMPS110-1EP  
Arecont Vision AV3456DN-S  
Samsung SNV-3082  
GeoVision GV-VD3430  
BOSCH NUC-50051-F4  
BOSCH NUC-50051-F2  
Arecont Vision AV5455DN-F  
Honeywell H4D1F1  
Hikvision DS-2CD755F-EZ  
GeoVision GV-VD3440  
Arecont Vision AV1255DN-H  
Brickcom VD-300Np  
Samsung SNV-6084  
Panasonic WV-SF336  
Arecont Vision AV1355  
Arecont Vision AV1255DN  
Arecont Vision AV2255DN  
Speco Technologies O5MDP1  
Arecont Vision AV1355-1HK  
Arecont Vision AV2155  
Pelco IMS0LW10-1  
Arecont Vision AV2255DN-H  
Arecont Vision AV1355DN  
Honeywell H4W1F1  
GeoVision GV-VD5340  
Pelco IMP1110-1EI  
Pelco IMP1110-1ES  
Honeywell HD4MDIH  
Hikvision DS-2CD7254FWD-EIZ  
Arecont Vision AV1355DN-1HK  
Pelco IMP1110-1EP  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV3115V1-3312  
Arecont Vision AV2256DN  
Sony SNCDH220  
BOSCH NDI-50022-V3  
Speco Technologies O5MDP1W  
Samsung SND-7082(F)  
Samsung SND-7080  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV3115DNV1-3312  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV5115V1-3312  
Arecont Vision AV1255AM  
Arecont Vision AV3255DN  
Arecont Vision AV2155DN-1HK  
GeoVision GV-VD5340-E  
Sony SNCDH220T  
Honeywell H4D2F1  
Samsung SNV-3120  
Arecont Vision D4SO-AV5115DNV1-3312  
Arecont Vision AV1255AM-H  
Arecont Vision AV3255DN-H  
BOSCH NIN-733-V03P  
Samsung SNV-7082  
Arecont Vision AV2255AM  
Pelco IMP219-1EI  
Pelco IMP219-1ES  
BOSCH NDN-733V03-P  
Pelco IMP219-1EP  
Hikvision DS-2CD754F-EI  
Hikvision DS-2CD7255F-EIZHS  
Arecont Vision AV3256DN  
Arecont Vision AV5255DN-H  
Arecont Vision AV2255AM-H  
Arecont Vision AV3155  
Arecont Vision AV2255AM-A  
Samsung SNV-7080  
Honeywell HD4HDIH  
Honeywell HD4MDIP  
Arecont Vision AV3155-1HK  
Arecont Vision AV3155DN  
Arecont Vision AV2256PM  
Arecont Vision AV2255AM-AH  
Pelco IMES19-1ES  
Pelco IMES19-1EI  
Pelco IMES19-1EP  
Arecont Vision AV3155DN-1HK  
Arecont Vision AV5155  
BOSCH NDN-733V09-P  
BOSCH NDN-733V02-P  
Pelco IMP319-1EI  
Pelco IMP319-1ES  
Pelco IMP319-1EP  
Arecont Vision AV3255AM  
Mobotix MX-D24M-IT-D22  
Mobotix MX-D24M-IT-NIGHT-N22  
Sony SNCDH140  
Arecont Vision AV3255AM-H  
Arecont Vision AV5155DN-1HK  
Sony SNCDH140T  
Arecont Vision AV3256PM  
Arecont Vision AV5255AM  
Pelco IMP519-1EI  
Pelco IMP519-1ES  
Pelco IME119-1EI  
Pelco IMP519-1EP  
Arecont Vision AV5255AM-H  
Arecont Vision AV5255AM-A  
Hikvision DS-2CD7283F-EIZH  
Mobotix MX-D24M-SEC-NIGHT  
BOSCH NDN-832V03-P  
Arecont Vision AV5255AM-AH  
Pelco IE30DN-1  
BOSCH NDN-832V02-P  
BOSCH NDN-832V09-P  
Sony SNCDH240  
Sony SNCDH240T  
Hikvision DS-2DF1-512  
Pelco IME319-1EI  
Pelco IME319-1ES  
Pelco IME319-1EP  
Pelco IEE20DN8-1  
Pelco IME3122-1ES  
Pelco IME3122-1EP  
Arecont Vision AV8185CO-HB  
Arecont Vision AV8365CO-HB  
Arecont Vision AV8185DN-HB  
Arecont Vision AV8365DN-HB  
Bosch VJR-F801-IWCV  
Arecont Vision AV20365CO-HB  
Arecont Vision AV20185DN-HB  
Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB  
Arecont Vision AV40185DN-HB  
2MCCTV 2MDIP-36L410  
GeoVision GV-MFD120  
Samsung SND-5080  
ACTi KCM-3311  
ACTi KCM-7111  
ACTi ACM-7411  
Samsung SNV-5080  
ACTi KCM-7311  
Pelco IES0DN  
Arecont Vision AV1255  
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Ask a Question  about the Honeywell HD4MWIH Wide Dynamic 720p True Day/Night Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Minidome IP Camera
Honeywell’s latest addition to the equIP® Series of IP-based products, the HD4MWIH is a high definition, Wide Dynamic, True Day/Night rugged indoor/outdoor fixed minidome network camera. This ultra compact and vandal-resistant camera provides extremely crisp images at minimal bandwidth. The HD4MWIH provides 720p resolution at full frame rate. Progressive scan technology and 2D edge enhancement provide outstanding clarity and definition. Digital Noise Reduction results in significant storage savings without sacrificing image quality in low light. The 1/3" progressive scan CMOS sensor offers the latest in digital video surveillance technology with accurate color rendition through a wide variety of lighting conditions. The HD4MWIH also supports the PSIA specification for interoperability between network video products.
The HD4MWIH integrates a camera and lens in an ultra compact, single piece, tamper-proof unit for fast and easy installation in any application. The camera comes complete with surface and flush mounting options. Wall and pendant mount kits are also available.
In addition to the low light color performance, the camera will automatically switch to black and white. In this mode, lighting can be complemented with infrared for discreet/covert low-light surveillance with exceptional monochrome images. In high contrast lighting conditions, the HD4MWIH delivers higher quality images and significantly better dynamic range (>100 dB) than conventional IP cameras. Designed for environments with difficult lighting, the HD4MWIH camera offers a unique solution to capture the whole picture regardless of lighting condition or application.
A 3D axis gimbal capable of 360º of pan, 180º of tilt and 360º of horizontal rotation simplifies mechanical camera adjustment. The Varifocal Auto Iris (VFAI) lens allows the field of view to be adjusted to suit the scene requirements, and an integrated analog output allows the installer to connect a local test monitor while adjusting the camera field of view.
A powerful and intuitive web client allows fine tuning of the camera and the auto iris levels. This can also be performed from most NVR setup utilities.
The HD4MWIH supports dual video streams and multiple compression formats with rates up to 30 frames per second (25 fps for PAL systems). The digitlal compression parameters for the two video streams are independently configurable. The primary stream is dedicated to H.264. The secondary stream can be configured for H.264 or MJPEG. The HD4MWIH features analog video out for aiming and focusing.
With built-in low current Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), power is supplied to the camera using standard network cabling, eliminating the need for a separate power supply and associated wiring. In retrofit situations where PoE is not available, the unit can also be powered directly from 24 V AC.


  • Outstanding image quality, 720p (1280 × 720) resolution
  • 30 fps (25 fps PAL) progressive scan
  • True Day/Night, 3.3-12 mm VFAI lens with mechanical IR cut filter
  • Dynamic Range: 115 dB
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Video motion detection
  • Wall and pendant mount kits available
  • Selectable compression formats
  • PSIA support
  • Dual digital video streams, independently configurable, H.264 and/or H.264/MJPEG
  • Remote firmware update
  • Supports both dynamic and static IP addresses
  • Includes advanced IP locator software to make system setup easy
  • Web server for remote setup of camera video and network parameters
  • Choice of 24 V AC or PoE IEEE 802.3af power inputs
  • Supports input and output alarm contacts
  • Supports bidirectional audio
  • Rugged polycarbonate dome
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