Honeywell HRG161

16-Channel Performance Series DVR (1TB)


  • Recording at a rate of up to 480 (16ch), 240 (8ch), or 120 (4ch) images per second
  • 4CIF real-time NTSC video
  • HRG DVR supports a wide variety of capabilities such as smartphone remote access
  • mouse control
  • IR remote control, and multiple search engines to quickly find the evidence video.
List : $2,534.95  
Price : $745.57
Save :  $1,789.38
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Vitek VT-HDOC16/8T  
Vitek VT-SRP916/20T  
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Vitek VT-HDOC16/12T  
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KT&C KVR-HD0214P  
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The Honeywell HRG161 DVR records 480 pictures per second at a resolution of 4CIF. With the H.264 video compression method, the videos are delivered with crystal clear clarity at the same time consuming very low memory space making room for recording lots of footages. A smart feature of recording upon motion detection can also save a considerable amount of space.
The Honeywell HRG161 features up to 16 video inputs, 4 audio inputs and 1 audio output. It offers remote access to a variety of devices that includes iPhone and Android devices. Furthermore, it also allows remote access via web browsers or through multi-site software. Other than mouse control, HRG161 has infrared remote for DVR control and PTZ dome control for wide variety of protocols. With the 2 USB 2.0 ports in front and back panel, the DVR supports mouse connectivity and storage devices.
HRG161 supports continuous recording and event recording, which is configurable. It also has the facility to continuous record during playback and data transmission to remote site.
  • $2,329.09
    16 Channel HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder
  • $2,507.14
    16 Channel H.264 DVR w/12Terabyte HDD and Real Time 960H Recording
  • $1,491.43
    16 Channel H.264 DVR w/2Terabyte HDD and Real Time 960H Recording
  • $1,170.00
    16 Channel H.264 DVR w/4Terabyte HDD and Real Time 960H Recording
  • $1,525.71
    16 Channel H.264 DVR w/8Terabyte HDD and Real Time 960H Recording
  • $2,421.43
    16Ch Real-Time 1080p HD-SDI DVR, 4TB
  • $745.57
    16-Channel Performance Series DVR (1TB)
  • $2,742.86
    16Ch Real-Time 1080p HD-SDI DVR, 6TB