Honeywell HRGX41

H.264 4 Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder



  • H.264 compression
  • Dual stream support
  • Simultaneous HDMI, VGA, and CVBS outputs
  • PTZ dome control for a wide variety of protocols
  • Privacy masking
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Honeywell HRGX41
Honeywell HRGX41 is an H.264 4 Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder– designed to be used in for monitoring and video surveillance requirements.  It is used for recording, monitoring and playback related activities in domestic and commercial security applications. 
Better performance 
Honeywell HRGX41 Digital Video Recorder is designed for recording videos with steam encoding up toWD1 (960 H) resolution in a real time phrase. These recorded videos are independent of any channel configuration and available for simultaneous playback. Since these videos are recorded in H.264 compression formats, the Honeywell DVR is a real time recording solution. Honeywell HRGX41 Digital Video Recorder offers HDMI/VGA output up to 1080p and CVBS output up to 4CIF.
This HRGX41 Digital Video Recorder is widely appreciated for being equipped with features like optional video loop out, multi-channel synchronous playback, and privacy masking. This Honeywell DVR incorporates PTZ dome controlling feature – which enables better coverage in tight corners. 




  • H.264 compression
  • Dual stream support
  • Main stream encoding at up to WD1 (960H) resolution in real time
  • Channels independently configurable
  • Continuous and event recording
  • Watermark verification
  • Monitoring and Playback
  • Simultaneous HDMI, VGA, and CVBS outputs
  • HDMI/VGA output up to 1080p, CVBS output up to 4CIF
  • Multi-channel synchronous playback
  • Optional video loop out
  • PTZ dome control for a wide variety of protocols
  • Privacy masking (4 configurable zones)
  • Alarm and device exception notifications




  • SATA HDD with up to 2 TB storage capacity
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) options available
  • 2 USB ports for backup to flash drive or other storage device •
  • Self-diagnostics, including S.M.A.R.T. disk health check




  • USB mouse and remote control included
  • Unlimited free licenses to remote client software (PC and Mac)
  • Remote access through web browser – no software needed
  • Free apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Free DDNS service
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