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Honeywell SK-Zone: Intelligent Interface Module, Fully supervised, UL Listed, Support for Style B, Attractive ivory cover, Panel controlled status
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Honeywell SK-Zone Intelligent Interface Module



The SK-Zone is an intelligent two-wire interface module for use with Silent Knight IntelliKnight series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The SK-Zone allows a Silent Knight FACP to interface and monitor two-wire conventional smoke detectors. The SK-Zone is addressed through the signaling line circuit loop of the FACP. It transmits the status of one full zone of two-wire detectors to the FACP. Status conditions are reported as normal, open, or alarm. The SK-Zone supervises the zone of detectors and the connection of the external power supply. All two-wire detectors being monitored must be UL compatible with the SK-Zone.




  • Converts a conventional two-wire loop to an SLC loop
  • Fully supervised
  • Support for Style B and Style D wiring
  • Panel controlled status LED that flashes green in normal state and is solid red in alarm
  • Attractive ivory cover plate
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation
  • SEMS screws for easy wiring
  • UL Listed
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