KJB C1197

Quad View Camera Set

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • IR LED for night vision
  • 2.4Ghz Digital Transmisson
  • Mulitple recording modes
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Ask a Question  about the KJB C1197 Quad View Camera Set

KJB C1197 is a Quad View Camera Set.

KJB C1197 is an advanced wireless camera with LCD & DVR Receiver that offers an easy set up and portability. It has VGA Color CMOS camera. The monitor and receiver is 7" TFT LCD. It has 4 channel receiver. The camera can transmit a distance of 300 feet. It has multiple recording modes with 2.4GHz Digital Transmission. It also has IR LED for night vision. This camera is great for covert operations, nanny cams, room surveillance etc.

Unique Receiver
The receiver of KJB C1197 is also a DVR and is packed with features like motion detection, easy operation, and video storage on an SD card that can record up to 6 hours.

KJB C1197 has memory storage upto 32GB. It produces a resolution of 420TVL. Because of IR mode and LEDs, it can work in absolute dark to with a night vision upto 50 feet. The transmission is 2400-2483.5MHz. It requires 5V power. The video is 320x240 at 30fps in QVGA and 640x430 at25 fps in VGA.

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