KJB SC7007

Xtreme Life Wall Clock

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Up to 30 days of operation in standby mode on a battery charge.
  • No visible wires
  • Motion Activated
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COP-USA CH21C-2.5H  
Vitek VT-SMKC1/H  
Speco Technologies VL562SD  
KJB C3000SC  
KJB C1542  
KJB EX-300  
KJB C1512  
KJB C1533  
Speco Technologies CVC585RC  
KJB SC7037  
KJB C1572  
KJB C12427  
KJB C1522  
KJB C1577  
KJB DVR253  
KJB DVR254  
KJB C12537  
KJB C12437  
KJB C1592  
KJB SC7030  
KJB SC7150  
KJB SC7250  
KJB C1581  
KJB C1541  
KJB SC9209C  
KJB SC9359C  
KJB SC9360C  
KJB SC9409C  
KJB SC9800  
KJB SC7100  
KJB SC7200  
KJB SC7004  
KJB SC7350  
KJB SC7450  
KJB SC7300  
KJB SC7400  
KJB SC8100  
KJB SC7001  
KJB C1230H  
KJB C1230HC  
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This product is the Xtreme Life Wall Clock, which can be placed anywhere, because it can work without wires and the PIR (heat sensor) conserves energy so that there is absolutely no worry of battery failure. It features up to 30 days of operation in standby mode on a battery charge, absolutely no visible wires, motion activation, power rechargeable 2.7v Li polymer battery, multiple recording modes, like, Motion, Continuous, Panic, very high resolution of 720x480, time and date stamp and A/V RCA.

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