3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Low Profile Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Omni IP 'Hand Free' Plug-and-Play system: just connect to PoE switch and stream video
  • Real time 30FPS streaming at 1920x1080 (1080p)/1280x720 (720p)
  • Dual PoE/12VDC power
  • Support for Safari/Chrome/FireFox/IE web browsers with free plug-in
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Ask a Question  about the KT&C KNC-p3LR4IR 3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Low Profile Camera

3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Low Profile Camera
KT&C KNC-p3LR4IR is a 3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Low Profile Camera with a real time 30FPS streaming at 1920x1080 (1080p)/1280x720 (720p). The powerful camera facilitates viewing and recording images at 3MP resolution at up to 20FPS from 1/3" progressive scan CMOS sensor.


High End Specifications

The high-end IP camera features Omni IP 'Hand Free' Plug-and-Play system - just connects the camera to the PoE switch and stream video without any hassles. The low profile camera comes with a primary lens with focal length of 4mm that easily covers 70 Degree field of view, and an optional 2.8mm lens for wider view or 6mm for greater magnification. Further, it has extensive OSD capabilities, mainly controlled directly from Omni IP NVR. It comes with 3D DNR that is known to improve low light image clarity while reducing bandwidth/NVR disk utilization.


Versatile Design

The low profile IP camera has a sturdy IP66 weather resistance camera housing with a tolerant temperature range -22Degree F~140Degree F - that makes it flexible enough to operate anywhere for round the clock surveillance. With a Dual PoE/12VDC power support, the

Outdoor low profile camera is highly compatible with Safari/Chrome/FireFox/IE web browsers with free plug-in.



KNC-p3LR4IR 3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Low Profile Camera Features:


  • Omni IP 'hand free' Plug-and-Play system: just connect to PoE switch and stream video
  • View and record 3MP resolution at up to 20FPS from 1/3" progressive scan CMOS sensor
    - 3MP images contain NINE times the pixel detail versus traditional analog images
    - At 3X digital zoom, a 3MP images display more detail than a basic analog camera
  • Real time 30FPS streaming at 1920x1080 (1080p)/1280x720 (720p)
  • Low light sensitivity of .07lux with
    - True Day/Night (ICR) for best daytime color reproduction and low/no light sensitivity
    - Low/no light coverage enhanced by 10 IR LEDs with 33 foot range
    - Smart IR Control of image contrast despite bright, close in objects in scene
  • Extensive OSD capabilities, many controlled directly from Omni IP NVR
    - Dual streaming in H.264/MJPEG with fixed/variable bandwidth control from 32Kb/s to 12.3Mb/s
    - Region of Interest allocates bandwidth to maximize resolution in priority areas within scene
    - Day/night and IR switching control by photo sensor or schedule (or disable IRs if desired)
    - In-camera detection of motion, video loss or tampering with alarm reporting to NVR
    - 3D DNR improves low light image clarity and reduces bandwidth/NVR disk utilization
    - DWDR compensates bright or unbalanced scene lighting
    - BLC specifically for handling scenes with back lit subjects
  • Lens focal length of 4mm covers 70Degree field of view optional 2.8mm lens for wider view or 6mm for greater magnification
  • Dual PoE/12VDC power
  • PoE for efficiency and convenience
    - 12VDC for legacy system upgrade or beyond PoE cable distance range
  • Operate almost anywhere: IP66 weather resistance and -22Degree F~140Degree F temperature range
  • Low profile housing is adjustable +/- 30Degree pan, 360Degree rotatation, and 75Degree tilt for flexible wall or ceiling mounting; fits single gang electrical boxSupport for Safari/Chrome/FireFox/IE web browsers with free plug-in
  • Customize installation with KA-LRTC1 Threaded Cap for Pendant Mount KA-LRWM1 Wall Mount (special order) KA-BRPM1 Pole Mount KA-BRCM1 Corner Mount for use with KA-LRWM1


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