External Audio Microphone

2 Yr
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  • KT&C KPA-1 External MIC
  • Audio; RCA Female power
  • DC Female KPA-1
  • Power Supply Sold Separately 
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2MCCTV 2M-07  
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An audio recording system can improve your surveillance for a small cost. CCTV owners mistakenly believe that audio is not critical. Can you read lips? Sometimes having both video and audio is necessary for investigations or resolving problems or incidents captured by the system. The KT&C KPA-1 Audio Microphone is a plug and play microphone designed for CCTV surveillance equipment that does not have integrated audio. The 12VDC male/female RCA ports permits quick and easy connection into the security cameras or DVR power source. This eliminates the need for excess power cables. Customers report that this microphone picks up conversations very well.

Power Supply Not Included

External MIC, Audio; 12VDC male/Female power KPA-1. External Microphone easily connected to a dvr. Includes RCA cable. 


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Q&A for the KT&C KPA-1
Question :
I need a microphone for use in a dental office. It would probably be mounted in the ceiling. Can you recommend something for me? Thanks
Answer    :
The ETS SM1 can be flush or surface mounted onto a wall or ceiling.
Question :
Dear Sir I am confused about which power supply to order with Audio Microphone KT&C KPA-1. Plug-in 12volt DC 500MA (VT-12VDC-500) (+$4.00) OR Plug-in 12volt DC 1000MA (VT-12VDC-1) (+$7.00). What is the difference??. Does it make any difference??
Answer    :
The more amps in the power supply, the steadier the power will be to the equipment. In the case of this microphone, however, it will not make a big difference.
Question :
Can the microphone Audio Microphone KT&C KPA-1 connect with the cable going from the camera to the DVR or do I need a separate cable?
Answer    :
You need to run 18/2 wire for audio and connect to the audio outlet at the DVR/PC.
Question :
I would like to know what the distance limitation for the RCA wire is to be able to plug it from the camera to the DVR system. Thanks
Answer    :
Question :
Does this microphone allow for 2-way audio?
Answer    :
The KPA-1 is only one way (receiving).
Question :
Please explain what this product is and how it\'s meant to be used. It looks like it has a male and female rca like you can daisy chain them. Is this correct? How many can I run in a row? Does this actually require power? Why? How is this meant to be mounted? Thanks in advance for answering.
Answer    :
The KT&C KPA-1 is a microphone, designed to be used in conjunction with a security camera. The male and female RCA ports allow you to plug the microphone directly into the security cameras power source so that only one power cable is required to be ran.

Date Added: Friday 20 April, 2007
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First - Great Company fast shipping. This product works great - First time installation of audio on a security system these mics pick up conversation really well. Installed in an office the people were not speaking to trick me into believing it was not working and I heard a conversation in the background from the office across the hallway. Really nice def recommend company and product.