700TVL – 750TVL Security Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 700TVL Horizontal Resolution
  • 2D Digital Noise Reduction (2D-DNR)
  • C/CS Mount Lens
  • True Mechanical Day & Night (ICR)
  • Min. Illumination of 0.0001 Lux / Faceplate
  • ATR / HLC / Privacy Masking / Motion Detection / Mirror


List : $356.52  
Price : $149.09
Save :  $207.43
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Ask a Question  about the KT&C KPC-BSP6300NU 700TVL – 750TVL Security Camera
The C/CS mount lens KT&C BSP6300NU camera with 1/3“ 960H Interline CCD image sensor is a rectangular surveillance camera. It is a day and night camera with two-dimensional digital noise reduction technology for delivering flicker free and interference free footages of the targeted area. This highly advanced camera with various add-on features makes your surveillance system more powerful.
This 700TV Lines resolution cam has an auto color and white level function that automatically balances the color contrast of the images in low or high illumination area. The privacy mask function of this cam is another highly useful function that allows you to block out the sensitive areas from the scene by covering them with a black box or strip. It is ideal for the locations with the objects like keyboard, or password fields or any other sensitive areas that that needs surveillance but provides privacy as well.
This excellent camera also features mirror function that allows you to flip the scene, so that you can see the detailed view of the left and right sides of the footages. It supports English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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