Outdoor IR License Plate Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 1/3" 960H SONY EXview HAD CCD II
  • 700 TVL Resolution
  • License plate up to 16ft ~ 65ft (5.0M ~ 20.0M)
  • Plate capture up to 75mph
  • Special filter and IR LED provides maximum
  • legibility under headlight glare
List : $1,023.08  
Price : $725.45
Save :  $297.63
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GeoVision GV-Hybrid LPR  
Veilux VSSC-68CDNR-90  
Speco Technologies CLPR66B4B  
GeoVision GV-IP LPR 5R  
GeoVision GV-IP LPR5M  
Bosch VER-L2R2-2  
Bosch VER-L2R3-2  
Bosch VER-L2R4-2  
Bosch VER-L2R5-2  
Bosch VER-L2R1-2  
Bosch VER-D2R1-2  
Bosch VER-D2R2-2  
Bosch VER-D2R3-2  
Bosch VER-D2R4-2  
Bosch VER-D2R5-2  
Messoa NCH517-10D  
Veilux VLPR-54L922D  
GeoVision GV-IRCAM20  
Messoa SCR505-HN5  
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Ask a Question  about the KT&C KPC-LP751NU Outdoor IR License Plate Camera
Featuring external zoom and focus system, the KT&C KPC-LP751NU high contrast camera is an ideal monitoring system for the parking areas. It features 1/3″ 960H Sony EXview HAD CCD II technology that dual scans the images to deliver more refined and colorful images to the end user. This 700 TVL resolution camera allows you to capture sharp images of the objects, people, or an incident occurred in the closed alleys or parking areas.
This special filter and Infra-Red LEDs equipped in the front panel of the camera allows it to deliver optimum performance in compact parking areas. It supports both the NTSC and PAL signals to offer flexibility of data-transmission over network. The IP67 rated, weatherproof housing of this camera keeps it protected and in working position throughout its whole life.
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