Messoa SCR505-HN5

High Resolution LPR Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • Headlight Suppression powered by CatchAll Engine
  • High Contrast Image
  • Powerful IR
  • Wide Range Capture
  • Rain Guard/ Extendable Sunshield
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Price : $1,102.94
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The Messoa SCR505-HN5 LPR Camera comes with a high-contrast resolution. With a1/3" Sony CCD, it captures images in black and white format. The built-in 9~22mm lens has up to 56mph capture speed and 10~27feet capturing range. Other features include vandal resistance and water resistance. It comes in a cable sealed bracket, and runs on DC12 Volts and AC 24 Volts.

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Q&A for the Messoa SCR505-HN5
Question :
Do I need special software to read the license plate?
Answer    :
If you would like to save the license plates in a database, then you need license plate recognition software, available in the NVR Software category.
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